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Genesis Unleashes the ‘Chilly Chariot’ GV70 Snow Amidst Alpine Glitz at White Turf Gala

In a frosty fusion of luxury and adventure, Genesis Motor Europe has rolled out its latest marvel, the GV70 Snow, at the glacial glamour of St Moritz’s White Turf event. On 5 February 2024, amidst the snowy splendor of this Swiss spectacle, the automotive world was treated to a first look at what happens when high-end hospitality meets high-altitude horsepower.

Crafted in collaboration with off-road specialists Delta 4×4, who’ve left their tire tracks on the grueling Paris-Dakar Rally since 1985, the GV70 Snow emerges as a beacon of bespoke bravado. This venture sees the sleek sophistication of Genesis melding with Delta 4×4’s rugged resilience to forge an unparalleled adventure vehicle.

Graeme Russell, the Chief Brand Officer at Genesis, waxed lyrical about the union of comfort and excitement that defines the GV70 Snow. With the brand’s ‘son-nim’ hospitality philosophy steering the experience, Genesis promises an adventure that feels both exclusive and exhilarating. “It’s not just a car we’re unveiling at White Turf but a celebration of luxury, adventure, and Swiss craftsmanship,” Russell effused.

Decked out with custom Anavon skis and sporting a roof rack crowned with Vision X LED bars, the GV70 Snow is ready to illuminate any nocturnal escapade across the alpine terrain. Its stance is beefed up with BF Goodrich KO2 tyres and Klassik B Rugged Wheels, ensuring that even the most daunting drifts are dispatched with disdain.

The unveiling of the GV70 Snow is not merely a nod to Genesis’ innovative spirit but a showcase of their dedication to melding luxury with the lure of the wild. As it stands, poised on the precipice of adventure, the GV70 Snow is a testament to the fact that even in the world of high-end automobiles, Genesis is not afraid to play it cool.

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