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Electrifying Skies: CityAirbus NextGen Zaps into Reality with a Buzz

Donauwörth – In an electrifying display of innovation, Airbus has rolled out its latest marvel, the fully electric CityAirbus NextGen prototype, to an eager audience, setting the stage for its anticipated aerial debut later this year. This lightweight titan, tipping the scales at two tonnes and boasting a wing span that stretches to about 12 metres, is poised to redefine urban mobility with its ability to soar up to 80 km and cruise at a brisk pace of 120 km/h. Its design is a nod to the future of city commuting, offering a clean, efficient alternative for a myriad of urban missions.

The grand unveiling was perfectly timed with the inauguration of the new CityAirbus test centre in Donauwörth, a facility that vows to be the heart of testing for electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (eVTOLs). This centre, a tangible testament to Airbus’ commitment to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), kicked off its operations with the CityAirbus NextGen’s power-on in December 2023. It now embarks on a critical phase, conducting extensive tests on the prototype’s electric motors, which feature eight robust rotors, along with other vital systems including flight controls and avionics, all in preparation for the prototype’s maiden flight slated for later in the year.

Balkiz Sarihan, the visionary Head of Urban Air Mobility at Airbus, shared her enthusiasm: “Rolling out CityAirbus NextGen for the very first time is an important and very real step that we are taking towards advanced air mobility and our future product and market. Thank you to our community, team and partners all over the world for helping us make this a reality,” she remarked, echoing the sentiment of a team on the verge of revolutionizing urban travel.

In its quest to lead the skies of tomorrow, Airbus is not just focusing on technology but also on weaving a global network of partnerships to cultivate a thriving and sustainable AAM market. A recent partnership with LCI, a leading name in aviation, underscores Airbus’ strategic move to delve into development scenarios and business models that cover the spectrum of AAM, from strategy and commercialization to financing, ensuring the CityAirbus NextGen isn’t just a leap towards greener skies but also a step into a more connected and mobile world.

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