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Seahawks Soar into Service: Indian Navy Unleashes ‘Flying Defenders’ to Safeguard Seas

In a dazzling display of naval might, the Indian Navy’s first MH 60R Squadron, dubbed the ‘Seahawks’, was officially unveiled at INS Garuda, Kochi, on March 6, 2024. Amidst a ceremonial splendor, replete with fly-pasts and water cannon salutes, these maritime marvels took to the skies, marking a new era in India’s defense narrative.

Admiral R Hari Kumar, the Chief of Naval Staff, presided over the event, which was a spectacular showcase of the Navy’s aerial prowess. The ‘Seahawks’ are set to become the guardians of India’s waters, enhancing the nation’s surveillance, anti-submarine warfare, and maritime security across the Indian Ocean Region.

The commissioning ceremony was nothing short of cinematic, featuring a 50 men Guard of Honour, and the unveiling of the Squadron’s Commissioning Plaque by the CNS himself. The skies buzzed with the Seahawks’ rotor blades as they performed a scintillating fly-past, symbolizing their readiness to protect and serve.

As Admiral Kumar eloquently put it, the MH 60R helicopters represent a quantum leap in maritime security capabilities, promising a safer and more secure environment at sea. He hailed the ‘Seahawks’ as a critical asset in the Navy’s mission to maintain dominance in the maritime domain, underscoring the helicopters’ unparalleled flexibility and multi-mission prowess.

With Captain M Abhisheik Ram at the helm, INAS 334 ‘Seahawks’ is poised for greatness, ready to tackle any challenge that comes its way. The ceremony was a grand affair, attended by a constellation of naval dignitaries, all bearing witness to the dawn of a new chapter in the Indian Navy’s storied legacy.

In his address, Admiral Kumar didn’t just celebrate the commissioning of these state-of-the-art helicopters; he envisioned a future where the ‘Seahawks’ soar above the seas, ever vigilant, ensuring the safety and security of the nation’s maritime interests. It’s a bold promise of power, precision, and protection, as India’s newest ‘Flying Defenders’ take flight.

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