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Sky-High Ambitions: Airbus and SKYCO Ink Deal to Elevate Guangdong’s Helicopter Game with Six High-Flying H175s

Marignane, France – In a move that’s got the aviation world buzzing, Airbus Helicopters and SKYCO International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., a powerhouse backed by China’s Guangdong Province, have put pen to paper on a deal for six state-of-the-art H175 helicopters.

Taking orders from the top, SKYCO Leasing has been handed the reins by the Guangdong Provincial Government to spearhead the region’s aviation industry leap forward. These high-flying H175s are set to be the province’s go-to birds for a slew of noble endeavors including search and rescue ops, emergency medical airlifts, and swooping in for disaster relief, among other public service missions.

Bruno Even, the high-flying CEO of Airbus Helicopters, couldn’t hide his excitement, stating, “This deal is more than just a handshake over helicopters. It’s a clear signal of Guangdong’s ambition to be at the forefront of the helicopter market in China’s southern skies. We’re over the moon to be joining forces with the Guangdong Provincial Government on this high-flying project.”

But wait, there’s more! Beyond swapping helicopters, this aerial alliance is set to beef up Airbus Helicopters’ presence in China’s Guangdong Province and the Greater Bay Area. The plan? To turbocharge support and service activities and roll out industrial cooperation that will lay a solid foundation for aviation’s future in the region. This includes opening up the low-altitude airspace and concocting a business model that’s tailor-made for China’s unique aviation landscape, all in the hopes of propelling regional economic growth skyward.

Since its debut in 2015, the Airbus H175 has soared to become a super-medium helicopter heavyweight, boasting a blend of range, payload capacity, and silky-smooth flying experience. Perfect for a gamut of missions from disaster relief to VIP transport, the 55 H175s currently cutting through the skies have clocked over 210,000 flight hours, proving they’re not just hot air. With 184,000 of those hours dedicated to the energy sector, these birds are clearly no strangers to hard work.

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