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Electrifying Alliance: BMW Group and Rimac Technology Forge Future with High-Voltage Partnership

Munich/Zagreb – In a groundbreaking move poised to redefine the electric vehicle landscape, BMW Group and Rimac Technology have inked a long-term partnership that heralds a new era of high-voltage battery technology innovation. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the automotive industry, marrying BMW’s storied legacy in premium electric mobility with Rimac’s cutting-edge electrification expertise.

The collaboration aims to spearhead the development and production of next-generation high-voltage battery solutions for select electric vehicles, promising to elevate the electric driving experience to unprecedented heights. This alliance leverages the distinct strengths and technological prowess of both companies, setting a new benchmark for electric vehicle innovation.

BMW Group, a titan in the automotive industry, has been at the forefront of electric mobility for over 15 years, boasting a wealth of expertise in battery and electric drive systems. This partnership is a strategic extension of BMW’s electrification ambitions, aiming to capitalize on the rapidly growing demand for electric vehicles, which are expected to account for over half of global vehicle sales before 2030.

Rimac Technology, a subsidiary of the Rimac Group and a leading Tier 1 supplier renowned for its electrification solutions in the automotive sector, brings to the table its expertise in high-voltage battery packs, e-axles, and software solutions. Known for its innovative approach and the ability to produce advanced technology in-house, Rimac stands ready to transition from a niche supplier to a high-volume Tier 1 supplier, bolstered by its latest partnership with BMW Group.

The strategic tie-up between these two powerhouses is set to unfold further details about its scope and objectives in the near future. This partnership not only signifies a leap forward in electric vehicle technology but also underscores a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility.

In a parallel development, BMW Group is gearing up to unveil the sixth generation of its eDrive technology, promising significant advancements in range and charging time, further solidifying its position as a leader in the electric vehicle sector.

This partnership between BMW Group and Rimac Technology is more than a collaboration; it’s a bold step towards a sustainable, electrified future, promising to deliver innovative solutions that will drive the next generation of electric mobility forward.

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