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Thomas Ulbrich: The Mobility Maestro Moves to Mastermind VW’s Tech Transformation in China

Wolfsburg/Beijing – In an electrifying shuffle of executive chairs, Volkswagen Group has turbocharged its ‘In China, for China’ strategy, appointing Thomas Ulbrich as the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the region. This automotive ace, known for his wizardry in “New Mobility,” will commence his tech-tastic tenure on April 1, 2024, marking a significant milestone in the Group’s gear shift towards localized, cutting-edge development.

Ralf Brandstätter, the big wheel at Volkswagen AG for China, revved up the announcement, noting, “Thomas Ulbrich isn’t just a guru of gadgets and gears; he’s our beacon in the bustling Chinese auto market. His knack for knitting together top-notch tech with local flavors will supercharge our development drive in the region.”

The plot thickens as the “New Mobility” and “Technical Development” Board functions at Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand merge under the capable captaincy of Kai Grünitz. This strategic maneuver is poised to streamline the brand’s tech trajectory, ensuring that the future of mobility is not just innovative, but also intelligently integrated.

Ulbrich, a veteran voyager in Volkswagen’s voyage, brings a trove of experience, including previous pivotal posts in China. His mission? To steer the technological transformation with a focus on smart e-mobility, making Volkswagen not just a player but a pioneer in China’s rapidly revving auto arena.

The Volkswagen China Technology Company (VCTC) in Hefei, under Ulbrich’s leadership, is set to become a powerhouse of innovation. This tech temple will be the crucible for crafting intelligent, fully connected electric vehicles, tailored to the tastes and trends of the Chinese market.

Ulbrich’s journey in the juggernaut of the auto world began at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. His career road map includes impressive pit stops: starting in plant logistics in Wolfsburg, shifting gears to FAW-Volkswagen in China, and then accelerating to various leadership lanes across Volkswagen’s global grid.

With this strategic shift, Volkswagen is not just changing lanes but is set to lap the competition in the race towards a tech-savvy, eco-friendly automotive future in China. Ulbrich, the mobility maestro, is now at the wheel, ready to drive Volkswagen into a new era of innovation and integration, where technology meets tradition in the fast lane of China’s automotive autobahn.

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