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Volkswagen Rolls Out Mega March Year-End Offers on Taigun and Virtus

In a bold move to capture the market’s attention, Volkswagen has announced a Mega March year-end sale, providing substantial benefits on its popular models, the Taigun and Virtus. Customers can now avail themselves of benefits up to INR 1.30 lakh on the Taigun Topline AT 2023 model, which includes cash benefits, exchange benefits, and corporate benefits. Additionally, the Virtus Highline AT is being offered with benefits up to INR 75,000, encompassing similar advantages for prospective buyers.

This promotional blitz is not limited to financial incentives alone. Volkswagen is also offering 3 free services at 1,000 kms, 7,500 kms, and 15,000 kms intervals, where only the labour charges will be waived, adding further value to the ownership experience. However, it’s noteworthy that these exclusive benefits are available on select stocks and are at the sole discretion of authorized Volkswagen dealers, hinting at a first-come, first-serve basis that incentivizes quick decision-making among interested parties.

Adding to the allure of this offer is the recent headline-making performance of both models in endurance and efficiency challenges. The Virtus set a new national record by covering the maximum distance within 24 hours – 4,654.48 km for the 1.5L variant and 4,357.21 km for the 1.0L variant. Not to be outdone, the Taigun also etched its name into the record books by achieving the longest distance covered in 24 hours by a 1.0L engine variant, clocking in at 4,423.82 km. Moreover, it set a national record for the best fuel efficiency over a 24-hour period, delivering an impressive 29.8 kmpl.

These records not only underscore Volkswagen’s engineering prowess but also enhance the appeal of the Taigun and Virtus as models capable of exceptional performance and efficiency. With these enticing year-end offers, Volkswagen is keenly positioned to attract a wider clientele, promising both value and unmatched driving experiences. As these offers are time-limited, potential buyers are encouraged to act swiftly to take advantage of this unique opportunity to own a part of Volkswagen’s record-setting legacy.

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