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Lancia’s Electric Leap: Ypsilon’s 12,000 km Italian Joyride Showcases Boutique Showrooms and Chic Design

In a move electrifying the Italian automotive scene, Lancia launches its grand tour showcasing the New Lancia Ypsilon Edizione Limitata Cassina – 1 di 1906, the brand’s first 100% electric vehicle in the B-hatchback premium segment. The journey begins in the fashion capital, Milan, and will zigzag through 20 regions, 60 cities, covering a whopping 12,000 km.

The New Ypsilon, flaunting its advanced tech with a 10.25” display and Level 2 Autonomous Driving, embarks on an Italian escapade post its Milanese reveal. It’s not just a car show; it’s a rolling testament to Lancia’s commitment to quality, electrification, and sustainability. This stylish ride, available for €200 (INR 17,921) monthly via Stellantis Financial Services Italia, comes with a home charging solution and a generous 3-year warranty.

The tour is more than a showcase; it’s a celebration of Lancia’s innovative sales model. The revamped dealerships, now resembling chic Italian boutiques, offer a premium, immersive buying experience, echoing Italy’s design and elegance.

After wooing Italy, Lancia plans to charm Europe, with the New Ypsilon set to debut in Belgium and the Netherlands this spring, followed by France and Spain. This marks a pivotal moment for the brand as it reenters the European market with a flourish.

With over 4,000 expressions of interest already in the bag, the New Ypsilon is poised to electrify the roads and hearts across Italy and beyond. Keep your eyes peeled on for the full tour schedule and get ready to witness the fusion of automotive innovation and Italian flair.

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