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Innovation Unleashed: Tata Motors Hits Record High with 222 Patents Filed in FY24

April 25, 2024, National – Tata Motors, a titan in the Indian automotive industry, has smashed previous records by filing an astounding 222 patents and 117 design applications in the fiscal year 2024, marking the highest in the company’s storied history. This monumental achievement underscores Tata Motors’ unwavering commitment to innovation, setting new industry benchmarks in Connectivity, Electrification, Sustainability, and Safety (CESS).

The wide-ranging patents encompass breakthroughs in diverse vehicle systems including powertrain, body & trim, suspension, brakes, HVAC, and emission control, reinforcing Tata Motors’ role as a pioneer in automotive excellence. The company also celebrated a record year for patent grants, receiving 333 new patents and pushing its total to over 850.

The surge in patents aligns with Tata Motors’ strategic focus on engineering excellence, clean energy, and intelligent safety features, ensuring its vehicles meet the real-world needs of modern consumers and contribute to environmental sustainability. In recognition of its leadership in innovation, Tata Motors garnered five prestigious international accolades for its intellectual property achievements in FY24.

Rajendra Petkar, President & Chief Technology Officer at Tata Motors, remarked, “Our record-breaking patent filings and grants reflect our deep commitment to research and innovation. These milestones not only enhance our competitive edge but also demonstrate our dedication to creating greener, safer, and more efficient vehicles. As the automotive landscape evolves, Tata Motors continues to lead the way, crafting a smarter and more connected future for the automotive industry.”

With these achievements, Tata Motors not only solidifies its position as a leader in automotive innovation but also sets the stage for a future where technology and sustainability drive the global mobility narrative.

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