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Ford Turns the Big 10 for Transit in the U.S., Electrifies the Party with Enhanced E-Transit and More Power to the People!

In a milestone celebration, Ford Transit, the reigning champ of America’s commercial van market, is hitting a double-digit anniversary in the U.S. with a bang, revving up the electric E-Transit’s capabilities and offering a jolt of new tech upgrades. This move is set to keep businesses buzzing and emissions on the down-low.

From its humble beginnings as a collaboration between Ford’s UK and German teams, the Transit van cruised into Britain in 1965, becoming the go-to vehicle for versatility and reliability. Fast forward to a decade ago, the van made its grand entrance across the pond, quickly dominating the U.S. commercial van scene. Six months into its American journey, Transit snagged the title of the nation’s bestseller, a throne it hasn’t vacated since, outpacing every type of van on the market by the end of 2016.

Under the hood of this success story is Ford’s commitment to innovation, seen in the introduction of all-wheel drive options in 2020, the electrifying E-Transit in the same year, and the adventure-ready Transit Trail in 2022. Tim Baughman, the general manager at Ford Pro, shared some impressive stats: over 1.2 million Transit vans assembled in the last decade with a staggering 99% still cruising the streets today. “It’s Built Ford Tough,” Baughman remarked, highlighting the van’s integral role in keeping America on the move, from delivery services to skilled trades like plumbing and carpentry.

Ford has not only cranked out over 1.2 million Transits from its Kansas City Assembly Plant but also kept 99% of them rolling, testament to their durability and reliability. The Transit has flexed its muscles across numerous industries, serving nearly 280,000 companies and becoming the electric van of choice in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, thanks to the E-Transit’s introduction.

The E-Transit, basking in its title as America’s best-selling electric van, has helped customers save over 3 million gallons of gas and prevent the emission of more than 25 million kg of CO2 since its launch. That’s akin to planting over 400,000 tree seedlings and nurturing them for a decade.

For the 2024 model year, the E-Transit is getting an electrifying boost with an enhanced range of 159 miles for low-roof cargo van models, thanks to its 89 kWh battery—upping the game by 26% to 32% over previous models. Plus, with faster charging times and the introduction of dual onboard chargers, the E-Transit promises to keep businesses moving efficiently.

Ford Pro isn’t just stopping at the vehicle enhancements; it’s offering a full spectrum of integrated charging, software, service, and financing solutions to make the transition to electric as smooth as possible for commercial customers. From the fast-charging capabilities and the extensive BlueOval Charge Network to Ford Pro Intelligence software and mobile service options, Ford is powering ahead to redefine what it means to work smart and sustainably.

In a series of electrifying moves across California, New York City, Austin, Texas, Quebec, Canada, and even with the United States Postal Service, the E-Transit is proving to be a game-changer for businesses big and small, driving forward into a greener future.

So, as Ford celebrates a decade of Transit excellence in the U.S., it’s clear the company is not just throwing a party; it’s electrifying it, ensuring that America’s favorite van continues to lead the charge in commercial transportation.

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