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Volvo and McDonald’s Team Up for Electric Car Charging at Fast-Food Joints in Brazil

In a unique blend of fast food and electric vehicles, Volvo Car Brasil and Arcos Dorados, the operator of McDonald’s in Latin America and the Caribbean, are supercharging the convenience for electric vehicle users. This partnership marks an unprecedented move towards both comfort and sustainability, expanding access to charging points through the fast-food chain’s outlets. Plans are set to electrify 35 McDonald’s locations across Brazil, with potential expansion to 100 by the end of 2025.

The first to be equipped with these chargers are in São Paulo and Mairiporã: three at Latin America’s most sustainable McDonald’s on Bernardino de Campos Avenue, another at the Juscelino Kubitscheck Avenue outlet, and two more in Mairiporã on Tabelião Passarela Avenue. These chargers, ranging from 7.4kw to 22kw, offer convenient recharging options for hybrid and electric car users.

Guilherme Galhardo, Director of Digital and Electrification at Volvo Car Brasil, highlights the significance of this collaboration. “This partnership is all about electrification. Beyond highway infrastructure, which has been Volvo’s recent focus, daily charging is crucial for electric car users. The convenience of charging your car while doing a daily activity offers more safety and freedom to the driver,” he comments.

Volvo Car Brasil has always been a front-runner in electrification, believing in the technology as a sustainable mobility alternative. Starting in 2021 with the announcement that its entry-level car would be available only in an all-electric version, the brand aligns its ambitious strategies with sustainability, constantly seeking partnerships that share similar ideals.

Marie Tarrisse, Senior Manager of Social Impact and Sustainable Development at Arcos Dorados, connects this initiative with the company’s socio-environmental action platform, “Recipe for the Future”. She notes, “We’re adding more sustainable solutions to our operations, aligning our services with these values. The rise in electric vehicle usage shows public engagement in combating climate change, and now, they can count on McDonald’s in this journey.”

According to Marie, incorporating electric car charging points in their restaurants is part of encouraging sustainable habits among customers. “We invite them to join this change, promoting recycling in restaurants and at home, using clean transportation like bicycles, electronic waste collection points, and more.” These actions align with the company’s commitments, like reducing greenhouse gas emissions. “It’s a chance for consumers to learn about advances like reducing plastic packaging and knowing that over 70% of our restaurants are powered by renewable energy,” she states.

Mirella Cambrea, Marketing Director at Volvo Car Brasil, emphasizes their clear environmental commitments. “Our commitments go beyond our responsibility, influencing everything from our event water suppliers to major partnerships. We know Arcos Dorados shares similar sustainability values, and that’s why we’ve joined them in the electrification journey, giving more autonomy for electric cars to go further.”

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