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EKA Mobility’s Latest Electric Move: Swaps Gas for Brains with New Strategy Maestro from Mitsui

Mumbai, Wednesday, 6th March 2024 – In a bold move charged with potential, EKA Mobility, a titan in the electric vehicle arena, has turbocharged its executive lineup by appointing Mitsui’s Nobuyoshi Umezawa as its new Chief Strategy Officer. This strategic shift brings not just a new face to the leadership team but an electrifying fusion of experience and innovation to the steering wheel of EKA Mobility’s journey.

Umezawa, a seasoned strategist with a powerhouse of international expertise spanning over two decades, has plugged in his vast experience from his tenure at Mitsui & Co. Ltd., where he was instrumental in driving forward a plethora of infrastructure and mobility projects across a diverse landscape of regions including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, and beyond. His expertise isn’t limited to electrifying projects but extends to managing investments in PPP/PFI projects and navigating the complex currents of project financing.

With a track record that reads like a globetrotter’s diary, Umezawa has not only contributed his strategic acumen to passenger railway operations in the United Kingdom and commercial vehicle leasing in Latin America but also powered through roles in industrial machinery distribution in the United States and various logistics and finance entities in India.

Dr. Sudhir Mehta, the Founder & Chairman of EKA Mobility, couldn’t hide his enthusiasm, stating, “We are supercharged to welcome Mr. Umezawa into the EKA Mobility circuit. His global perspective and strategic voltage are set to energize our path to innovation and expansion both within India and on the international stage.”

Embracing his new role, Umezawa expressed his excitement about joining EKA Mobility’s dynamic team, ready to accelerate the company’s strategic initiatives and drive the electric mobility leader towards new horizons, both in India and abroad. “Charging ahead with EKA Mobility, I am all revved up to steer our strategic endeavors onto the fast track of development and beyond,” said Umezawa, sparking anticipation for what’s to come in the electric mobility sector.

With Umezawa at the strategic helm, EKA Mobility is gearing up for an electrifying journey ahead, promising a blend of innovation, strategic growth, and a green footprint that aims not just to tread lightly on our planet but to lead the charge in the electric vehicle revolution.

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