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Rolls-Royce Unveils the Ghost Prism: A Luxurious Symphony of Shadow and Light, Limited to the Select Few

In a dazzling move that intertwines the essence of contemporary design with the pinnacle of automotive luxury, Rolls-Royce has lifted the veil off its latest masterpiece: the Ghost Prism. This exclusive creation, limited to a mere 120 units worldwide, marks a monumental celebration of Rolls-Royce’s 120th anniversary in 2024, showcasing a unique blend of understated elegance and vibrant self-expression.

The Ghost Prism emerges as a beacon of modern luxury, captivating the elite of the fashion, design, and super-luxury spheres. This select group, renowned for their influential roles in shaping global trends, have lent their discerning eyes and personal flair to the creation of the Ghost Prism. With its roots deeply entrenched in the evolving aesthetic sensibilities of these tastemakers, the vehicle stands as a testament to the intimate rapport between Rolls-Royce and its distinguished clientele.

Painted in a sophisticated Gunmetal grey, achieved through an intricate 10-step process and 16 hours of meticulous hand-polishing, the Ghost Prism exudes a mineral-like finish that commands attention. The traditional mirror-polished stainless steel is replaced by a smoked black-grey hue named Burnout, applied to the grille and rear-lid brightwork, adding to the car’s mystique.

What sets the Ghost Prism apart is its daring use of color. With four audacious accent options – Phoenix Red, Turchese, Mandarin, and Forge Yellow – clients can personalize their vehicles to mirror their unique taste. These accents highlight the car’s lower bumper inserts, brake calipers, and coachline, creating a striking contrast that is both bold and cohesive.

Inside, the luxury continues with a bespoke Starlight Headliner that twinkles with 1,040 colored ‘stars’, each meticulously placed by hand, casting a serene glow throughout the cabin. Despite the option for limitless customization, early commissions have favored a lighter, more vibrant interior palette, juxtaposing the vehicle’s commanding exterior.

Anders Warming, Rolls-Royce’s Director of Design, eloquently captured the essence of the Ghost Prism, stating, “Our clients are experts and connoisseurs who know exactly what they want; Ghost Prism celebrates the unique relationship we have with them.”

As Rolls-Royce ushers in this new era of luxury car design with the Ghost Prism, it not only honors its rich heritage but also reaffirms the Ghost model as the ultimate canvas for self-expression in the luxury automotive sector. This limited-edition marvel is a timeless statement, appealing to those who lead the charge in defining the contours of luxury and style on the global stage.

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