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Mahindra Unleashes ‘Dune Dominator’ Thar Earth Edition with ‘Desert Fury’ Flair

Mumbai, February 27, 2024: In an audacious move, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., the vanguard of India’s SUV market, today unveiled the Thar Earth Edition. This special edition SUV, deriving its zest from the vast and untamed Thar Desert, is not just a vehicle—it’s a ticket to adventure, draped in the essence of the desert.

The Thar Earth Edition is a triumph of design, decked out in a satin matte ‘Desert Fury’ hue that mirrors the sandy vistas of the Thar Desert. This unique color scheme extends to the SUV’s grille and ORVMs, complemented by dazzling silver alloy wheels and sleek matte-black badges. With custom dune-inspired decals and exclusive Earth Edition badging on the B pillars, this SUV is ready to make a statement wherever it roams.

But the Thar Earth Edition isn’t just a treat for the eyes. The interiors are a sanctuary of style and comfort, featuring beige leatherette seats with a ‘shifting dunes’ pattern, enveloping passengers in an environment that echoes the adventurous spirit of the desert. Desert Fury-colored accents are thoughtfully placed throughout the cabin, offering a seamless blend of luxury and adventure.

Priced starting at INR 15.40 lakh, the Earth Edition is available in both diesel and petrol variants, with manual and automatic options, all in the LX Hard Top Variant. It’s an exquisite blend of exterior and interior enhancements that promises to elevate the driving experience. The Desert Fury satin matte finish, the dune-inspired decals, silver alloys, and matte black badges all contribute to its unique appeal.

The interior design takes a cue from the ever-changing desert landscape, with beige leatherette seats and dune designs on the headrests. The cabin is further enhanced with Desert Fury inserts and dark chrome accents, creating an ambiance of elegance and exploration. Each SUV comes with a unique numbered decorative VIN plate, starting with serial number 1, adding to its exclusivity.

The Thar Earth Edition is more than just a vehicle; it’s a symbol of Mahindra’s unwavering commitment to excellence and adventure. It’s expected to fortify the Thar’s status as the go-to SUV for enthusiasts and adventurers, continuing Mahindra’s legacy of delivering extraordinary experiences to its customers. Get ready to embrace the ‘Thar Life’ with a touch of desert magic!


Engine TypePetrolDiesel
Thar Earth Edition(INR in Lakh)15.4016.9916.1517.60
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