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Driving Out Disease: Tata Motors and NJMS Put the Brakes on Leprosy in Jamshedpur

In an unprecedented feat of philanthropy and healthcare innovation, Tata Motors has joined forces with the Nav Jagrat Manav Samaj (NJMS), a non-profit crusader against leprosy, turning the streets of Jamshedpur into more than just bustling thoroughfares. This heartwarming alliance has lit a beacon of hope for thousands, steering the city towards a leprosy-free future.

NJMS, the unsung hero of Jamshedpur, has been at the forefront of the battle against leprosy, a disease that has long cast a shadow over the lives of many. With the fuel of support from Tata Motors, this organisation has revved up its efforts, achieving staggering milestones in leprosy reduction. The synergy between the two has activated an army of over 500 volunteers, comprising Tata Motors employees and other compassionate souls, driving initiatives across health, education, and livelihood.

A highlight of NJMS’s strategy is their annual door-to-door survey, an impressive campaign reaching 75,000 individuals, aimed at early detection of leprosy. Their efforts have shifted gears in the fight against this disease, reducing cases in Jamshedpur from 1.5 to 0.5 per 1000 in just three years. NJMS’s Antyoday Bhawan stands as a testament to their commitment, offering free medical care, and a safe haven for over 4000 leprosy patients, while also fostering the future of children through education and livelihood support.

Vinod Kulkarni, the CSR Head at Tata Motors, revs up the conversation with his thoughts, “Nav Jagrat Manav Samaj is the driving force behind a compassionate and resilient mission to eradicate leprosy and uplift those affected. Tata Motors is proud to be in the passenger seat of this noble journey, helping steer towards a leprosy-free society. Together, with our combined horsepower, we envision a road where every individual, irrespective of their health battles, can cruise towards a life of dignity and inclusion.”

This alliance between Tata Motors and NJMS is more than a corporate partnership; it’s a beacon of hope on the highway to health, illuminating the path towards a society free from the chains of leprosy.

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