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Wipro and Intel Foundry Join Forces to Revolutionize AI Chip Market

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. | BENGALURU, India – Feb. 21, 2024: In a groundbreaking move, Wipro Limited, a renowned global technology services and consulting firm, has announced an extensive collaboration with Intel Foundry, aiming to spearhead innovation in chip design and development. This partnership is a strategic leap forward in addressing the burgeoning demands of the AI-dominated era.

The collaboration is set to focus on advancing Intel’s most sophisticated process nodes, including the Intel18A, with Wipro playing a pivotal role as the Design Services and Alliance Partner. This synergy comes at a time when the global AI chip market is projected to witness a staggering 38 percent annual growth from 2023 to 2032, reflecting the urgent need for advanced AI chip manufacturing capabilities.

Wipro’s expertise in design services, combined with Intel Foundry’s manufacturing acumen, promises to revolutionize chip production, particularly for industries like automotive, industrial, and telecommunications. These sectors are increasingly relying on generative AI-driven designs, and this partnership is poised to offer cutting-edge foundry services to fuel continuous innovation.

Atul Kapur, Wipro’s Vice President & Business Head – HiTech, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, emphasizing its significance in embedding Wipro deeper into the semiconductor industry. He highlighted the venture’s potential to streamline chip supply and manufacturing processes, particularly in the burgeoning Gen AI market, thereby reducing the time-to-market for clients.

Echoing Kapur’s sentiments, Harmeet Chauhan, Wipro Engineering Edge’s Global Head, conveyed excitement about working with Intel Foundry. Chauhan noted that Wipro is prepared to implement client designs using the Intel18A technology, leveraging Intel’s extensive global fabrication plants. This collaboration aims to provide a geographically diverse and resilient semiconductor supply chain, addressing silicon shortages and benefiting clients worldwide.

From Intel Foundry, Rahul Goyal, Vice President & General Manager, Product & Design Ecosystem Enablement, welcomed Wipro’s involvement. He praised Wipro’s long-standing industry contributions and looked forward to the mutual benefits this partnership would bring to global customers.

This collaboration is bolstered by Wipro’s $1B investment in the ai360 ecosystem, enhancing their joint venture in AI-driven chip manufacturing. The partnership is set to not only expedite the design and manufacturing process but also provide significant advantages in design verification and physical design, thanks to Wipro’s robust IP expertise in various domains.

In summary, the Wipro-Intel Foundry collaboration marks a significant milestone in the AI chip industry, promising to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of various industries in the AI era.

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