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HealthNet Aeromedical Services Boosts Fleet with Four Advanced Airbus H135 Helicopters

In a move that’s sure to elevate the spirits—and the bodies—of those in need across West Virginia, HealthNet Aeromedical Services has announced a high-flying expansion to their fleet. This Charleston-based airborne emergency service is adding not one, not two, not even three, but four Airbus H135 helicopters to their lineup, proving that when it comes to saving lives, they’re not just winging it.

HealthNet, a titan in the hospital-based air medical program arena, has been soaring through the skies with Airbus since 1986. Now, they’re set to take their operations to new heights with the latest H135 models, equipped with all the bells and whistles—or should we say, propellers and rotors? Bart Reijnen, the big boss at Airbus Helicopters, Inc., couldn’t hide his excitement, saying, “We’re thrilled to keep our partnership with HealthNet airborne as they boost their fleet. These new choppers aren’t just about getting from A to B; they’re about bringing top-notch safety and flexibility to the skies.”

The H135 is no ordinary helicopter. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of the skies, packed with cutting-edge tech including the Helionix avionics suite and a 4-axis autopilot that could probably do a better job of navigating than most of us on the ground. Its cockpit is a marvel too, ready for night-vision goggle compatibility and boasting a layout that even a bird would envy for its panoramic view.

Clinton Burley, the captain of the HealthNet ship (or should we say, fleet?), is all in on this upgrade. “Partnering with Airbus not only keeps us in the air; it ensures we’re there with the safest, highest-quality transport medicine for our community,” he said. For nearly four decades, HealthNet has been exclusively flying Airbus helicopters, during which time they’ve whisked away over 100,000 patients, proving they’re not just about the helicopter hair.

With eleven aircraft currently in their squadron, including models like the H130 and EC145, HealthNet’s new additions are a testament to their commitment to excellence in emergency medical services. The H135 is the crème de la crème for medical emergencies, offering everything from a spacious cabin to quiet operation, ensuring patients are transported quickly and comfortably.

As these new birds take to the skies, HealthNet Aeromedical Services continues to be a beacon of hope and a leader in medical transport. With more than 1,500 H135 family helicopters worldwide clocking in over 7 million flight hours, it’s clear they’re a favorite for a reason. And for the people of West Virginia, knowing there’s an even stronger fleet ready to come to their rescue is, undoubtedly, a comforting thought.

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