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Lamborghini’s Speedster CEO Stephan Winkelmann Zooms Through India, Revving Up Bollywood and Business Circles

Mumbai/Delhi: In an event that mirrored the high-octane thrill of its luxury sports cars, Lamborghini Mumbai recently rolled out the red carpet for an exclusive visit from the brand’s Chairman and CEO, Stephan Winkelmann. The glittering evening in Mumbai, attended by luminaries such as Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor and Raymond Chairman Gautam Singhania, marked a celebration of over 100 Lamborghinis delivered in 2023, turbocharging the Italian marque’s legacy in India.

Winkelmann’s visit, a decade after his last market tour in the country, showcased a blend of star power and sheer horsepower. “Yesterday, I came back to India ten years after my last market visit,” Winkelmann shared, highlighting the significant strides made by the Indian market in the luxury sector and the potential for further growth. “India is working hard on their future,” he added, acknowledging the country’s burgeoning economic prowess and the generational shift in its luxury consumer base.

At Lamborghini Mumbai, the CEO’s presence electrified the atmosphere, with dealer principals Pooja and Lalit Choudary pulling out all the stops. Winkelmann expressed his delight at meeting the enthusiastic and youthful customer base, including some of the country’s most prominent entrepreneurs and a true Bollywood star.

The Lamborghini fever then shifted gears to the capital, Delhi, where Lamborghini Delhi hosted a party celebrating the successful delivery of over 100 Lamborghinis in 2023. “The second lag of our market visit to India led us to the capital, Delhi,” Winkelmann noted. His itinerary included engaging encounters with top Indian automotive and economic journalists and an exclusive customer event.

Winkelmann’s visit culminated with a delightful experience at Delhi’s famous ITC Bukhara restaurant, a fitting end to a journey marked by luxury and grandeur. The CEO’s trip underlined Lamborghini’s strong position in India’s luxury segment and hinted at more thrilling developments in the future. “The Indian market is a shining promise of economic development,” Winkelmann concluded, leaving no doubt that Lamborghini’s journey in India is just gearing up.

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