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Jackie Shroff’s Rugged Nissan Patrol from ‘Rangeela’ Fame Hits the Market: Own a Piece of Bollywood History!

In an offer that seems almost too cinematic to be true, the iconic Nissan Patrol Y60, once driven by Bollywood’s very own Jackie Shroff, is now up for grabs. This isn’t just any vehicle; it’s a star-studded SUV that not only graced the silver screen in the hit movie “Rangeela” but also continues to bear the name of Jackie Shroff himself on its registration.

This 1990 model comes with a robust 4169 cc, inline-6 cylinder diesel engine, boasting 114 horsepower and 264 Nm of torque, coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission. It’s a machine that’s seen 119,000 kms of adventure, currently sitting in its second ownership. For off-road enthusiasts, its 3-inch lift, 17-inch wheels, and BF Goodrich 255/75/17 all-terrain tyres promise an enticing blend of performance and style.

But the Patrol isn’t just about brawn. It also features a Hammer tech music system upgrade, ensuring that you ride with the best beats. Recently serviced, this vehicle is eager for more escapades, though it does come with a note from the seller: it’s in need of a new paint job, and its registration certificate (RC) needs updating. However, the seller offers a sweet deal: the car can be painted in the buyer’s desired color, and the RC will be updated for 5 years, all included in the asking price. For those looking to negotiate, there’s an option to purchase the car “as is.”

The Y60 model marked a significant evolution in the Patrol series, being the first to introduce coil-spring suspension for enhanced comfort and off-road capability. With its history, mechanical prowess, and the unique charm of its celebrity association, this Nissan Patrol presents a rare opportunity to own a piece of Bollywood history, wrapped up in an off-road legend. Whether you’re a fan of Jackie Shroff, a lover of classic SUVs, or someone who appreciates the allure of cinema, this Patrol promises to be a conversation starter, an object of admiration, and a faithful companion on the road less traveled.

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