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Mahindra’s Mighty Mover: Supro Profit Truck Excel Packs a Punch with Payload Power and Pocket-Friendly Prices!

Delhi, January 19, 2024: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., a titan in India’s Small Commercial Vehicle (SCV) arena, today rolled out its latest marvel, the Supro Profit Truck Excel series. This new fleet, available in both Diesel and CNG Duo variants, is not just a vehicle but a business powerhouse on wheels, set to redefine last-mile deliveries with its blend of brawn and brains, priced to please at ₹6.61 lakh for Diesel and ₹6.93 lakh for CNG DUO (ex-showroom Delhi).

Born from the successful Supro platform, first unveiled in 2015, the Supro Profit Truck Excel is not your average hauler. It’s a profit-making machine, promising superior power, exceptional style, unparalleled safety, and unsurpassed comfort. The launch signifies Mahindra’s commitment to empowering businesses and transforming last-mile connectivity in India, and follows the triumph of the Supro CNG Duo, which skyrocketed the brand’s volume six-fold.

Baneswar Banerjee, VP and National Sales Head at Mahindra and Mahindra Limited – Automotive Sector launches the Supro Profit Truck Excel

Nalinikanth Gollagunta, CEO – Automotive Division, M&M, in his address, highlighted, “Our latest offering, the Mahindra Supro Profit Truck Excel, embodies Mahindra’s ‘Rise for Value’ philosophy. This launch marks a significant stride in the sub-2-tonne segment. With its exceptional 500 km range CNG Duo variant, it’s a perfect blend of power, economy, safety, and comfort, underscoring our mission to deliver comprehensive, value-driven solutions in logistics and transportation.”

R. Velusamy, President of Automotive Technology and Product Development at M&M, added, “The Supro Profit Truck Excel, a brainchild of our renowned Supro platform, exemplifies our unwavering commitment to technological excellence. It features an advanced 5-speed transmission, a reinforced chassis with increased thickness and 19% more stiffness, and an anti-roll bar, setting new safety standards. These integrated elements not only deliver superior performance and efficiency but also set a new benchmark in payload capacity.”

The Supro Profit Truck Excel boasts best-in-class payload capacities of 900 kg (Diesel) and 750 kg (CNG Duo), enhanced safety with an Anti-Roll Bar for stability, and impressive fuel efficiency of 23.6 Km/l for Diesel and 24.8 km/kg for CNG Duo, with a remarkable range of over 500 km. The vehicle is equipped with a powerful 19.4 kW Direct Injection Diesel Engine and 20.01 kW Positive Ignition CNG Engine, both BS6 RDE-compliant, offering robust torque and high performance.

This new SCV is more than just a vehicle; it’s a testament to Mahindra’s promise of providing efficient, robust, and value-driven solutions, reshaping the less than 2-tonne segment and positively impacting customers and communities. The Supro Profit Truck Excel is ready to take on the rapidly growing e-commerce sector, emphasizing mileage, toughness, ruggedness, and the ability to handle versatile loads efficiently. With its reinforced chassis, bolstered suspension, and remarkable ground clearance, this truck is set to become the new standard for robustness and resilience in the commercial vehicle market.


VariantEx-showroom Delhi
Diesel₹ 6,61,714
CNG DUO₹ 6,93,718


SpecificationsDescriptionSupro Profit Truck Excel DieselSupro Profit Truck Excel CNG Duo
EngineTypeDirect Injection Diesel Engine NAPositive Ignition CNG Engine
Number of Cylinders22
Displacement Capacity (cm3)909909
Maximum Engine Output19.4 kW @ 3600 r/min20.01 Kw @ 3800r/min
Maximum Torque55 Nm 1800-2200 r/min60 Nm 1800-2200 r/min
TransmissionNo. of Gears5 Forward + 1 Reverse5 Forward + 1 Reverse
DimensionsOverall vehicle dimensions L X W X H (mm)4148  x 1540 x 19004148  x 1540 x 1900
Cargo Dimensions L X W X H (mm)2515 x 1540 x 3192515 x 1540 x 319
Wheel Base (mm)20502050
Wheels & TyresPayload  (kg)900750
Fuel Tank Capacity (litre)30 L105L (CNG) + 5L (Petrol – For emergency use)
Mileage*23.6 km/l24.8 km/kg
Warranty* (months)36 months or 80000 km whichever is earlier36 months or 80000 km whichever is earlier
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