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Chilling Success: Canadian Electric Fleet Defies Winter Woes with Data-Driven Warmth

In the frosty realms of Canada, the burning question on everyone’s mind is whether electric vehicles (EVs) can handle the notorious chill. Alain Fiset, director of Smart Energy at Fize Electrique, a Quebec-based electrical contractor, is proving that EVs aren’t just for sunny California. Since 2018, he’s been electrifying his fleet, now boasting seven E-Transit vans, an F-150 Lightning, and a Mustang Mach-E, all proudly emitting zero emissions.

But Fiset isn’t just collecting EVs like hockey cards; he’s playing a smarter game. The real MVP here is the Ford Pro E-Telematics subscription service, a data-driven coach that’s transforming the EV game. Fiset reveals that the E-Transit, despite its smaller battery and modest range, is the star player, perfectly aligning with the company’s needs.

“Thanks to Ford Pro E-Telematics, we’re not just driving; we’re driving smart,” said Fiset. “Even in the heart of winter, our E-Transit vans are outperforming, proving that you don’t need a gas guzzler to tackle Canadian winters.”

This high-tech service isn’t just a fancy GPS; it’s like having a team of analysts in your dashboard. It tracks everything from range and efficiency to charge status, turning data into a winter-beating strategy. It’s so effective that Fiset can even remotely warm up his fleet and reimburse his team for charging up at home.

The journey to this electric wonderland wasn’t just a happy accident. Fiset and his team did their homework, trained in the art of EV mastery, and embraced a data-driven approach. Their success is a testament to the potential of EVs in harsh climates and a beacon for the booming Canadian EV market, which saw Ford’s battery electric vehicle sales surge by 30% in 2023.

Fiset’s fleet isn’t just a collection of vehicles; it’s a data-rich, eco-friendly powerhouse, proving that with the right approach, EVs can conquer even the coldest Canadian winter.

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