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Green Light for Innovation: Deadline Extended for National Green Hydrogen Mission R&D Proposals

In a significant move to bolster the innovation and development of green hydrogen technologies, the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Government of India, has announced an extension for the submission of R&D proposals under the ambitious National Green Hydrogen Mission. This extension comes as a response to the enthusiastic participation and requests from various stakeholders for more time to prepare comprehensive proposals that could potentially revolutionize the green hydrogen sector.

Launched with the vision to make India a global hub for the production, utilization, and export of green hydrogen, the National Green Hydrogen Mission is spearheading efforts to develop cost-effective, efficient, and safe green hydrogen technologies. On March 15, 2024, the Ministry issued detailed guidelines for the implementation of the R&D scheme under the mission, earmarking a budget of Rs. 400 crores to support research across the entire green hydrogen value chain – from production and storage to transportation and usage.

The R&D scheme is a critical component of the mission, aiming not only to reduce the cost of green hydrogen technologies but also to enhance their safety, efficiency, and reliability. By encouraging collaboration between industry, academia, and government, the scheme seeks to establish a vibrant innovation ecosystem. It emphasizes the importance of scaling up and commercializing green hydrogen technologies through comprehensive policy and regulatory support.

Originally, the deadline for the submission of proposals was set shortly after the call for proposals was issued on March 16, 2024. However, acknowledging the complexity of developing groundbreaking technologies and the importance of thorough research proposals, the ministry has now set a new deadline of April 27, 2024. This extension is a testament to the government’s commitment to quality and innovation in the pursuit of green hydrogen as a sustainable energy source.

The National Green Hydrogen Mission, which was unveiled on January 4, 2023, represents India’s ambitious plan to lead the green energy transition. With a financial allocation of Rs. 19,744 crores up to the fiscal year 2029-30, the mission is poised to play a pivotal role in achieving India’s climate goals and in establishing the country as a leader in the global green hydrogen arena. This latest extension for R&D proposal submissions is yet another step towards realizing these lofty ambitions, ensuring that the best and brightest ideas have the opportunity to flourish under the mission’s auspices.

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