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Volkswagen Unleashes Electric Estate Wonder: The ID.7 Tourer Brings Space, Comfort, and a Dash of Tech Wizardry

The Future of Family Road Trips Electrified: VW’s ID.7 Tourer Promises Space Galore and Tech Galore!

In a dazzling display of automotive innovation, Volkswagen has lifted the curtain on its latest electric marvel – the ID.7 Tourer. Not just any estate car, the ID.7 Tourer is making waves as one of the first all-electric models in the upper mid-sized class to grace Europe’s roads.

The ID.7 Tourer isn’t just about going green; it’s about going big. With room for five and a whopping 605 litres of luggage space (which skyrockets to 1,714 litres with just two passengers), this electric estate is a dream come true for families and long-haul drivers alike. And with a top-range model boasting an impressive 685 km range, the ID.7 Tourer is set to redefine long-distance travel.

Volkswagen hasn’t skimped on comfort either. The ID.7 Tourer features a new automatic air conditioner, optional seats equipped with pressure-point massage and air conditioning, and the groundbreaking Wellness In Car app. This app is a game-changer, offering preconfigured programs to enhance well-being during journeys.

The ID.7 Tourer stands out with its elegant design, merging the classic estate look with a dynamic twist. It’s not just about looks, though. The increased height at the rear means more space for your luggage, or anything else you need to haul around.

Under the hood, the ID.7 Tourer packs the latest in electric drive technology, with two battery size options. The largest battery can be juiced up to 80% in under 30 minutes at a DC quick-charging station. Plus, an augmented-reality head-up display comes standard, projecting vital journey information into the driver’s line of sight.

Volkswagen’s ID.7 Tourer is more than just a car; it’s a technological sanctuary. From the panoramic sunroof with smart glass to the ergoActive seats with a new pressure-point massage function, every detail has been crafted for unparalleled comfort and convenience.

As Volkswagen’s ID.7 portfolio expands in Europe, the ID.7 Tourer is poised to set a new standard for electric estate cars. With Europe-wide presales set to kick off in the first quarter, this electric all-rounder is revving up to take the automotive world by storm.

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