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Renault India Rides into Rural Regions: Teaming Up with BLS to Bring Vroom to the Villages!

New Delhi, February 20, 2024 – In a move that’s driving delight in the countryside, Renault India, the European auto aficionado, has joined forces with BLS E-Services, a branch of BLS International. They’ve inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that’s set to rev up the rural roads with Renault’s latest 2024 models – the Kwid, Triber, and Kiger.

This motor match made in heaven is all about turbocharging Renault’s reach in India’s rustic regions. The plan? To put the pedal to the metal and race Renault’s newest rides into the rural market, giving the countryside a taste of top-tier transport tech.

(L-R) Sudhir Malhotra Vice President Marketing & Sales Renault India and Lokanath Panda COO BLS E Services

Renault India is hitching a ride on BLS E-Services’ colossal network, boasting around 100,000 touchpoints, including B2C and CSPs, not to mention 1,016 digital stores. This sprawling network will be the rural runway for Renault, zooming awareness and sales into every nook and cranny of India’s less urban areas. And for customers looking to book these beauties through BLS, they’re in for a treat – a seamless booking experience, nifty finance options, and test drives that are as smooth as the cars themselves.

Sudhir Malhotra, VP of Sales and Marketing at Renault India Private Limited (RIPL), is revved up about the rural rendezvous. “The countryside is a goldmine of opportunity for us. With BLS, we’re planting our flag deep in these markets, showcasing our ‘made in India, made for the world’ cars. This isn’t just about selling cars; it’s about fitting them to the unique tastes of our customers. BLS’s digital and physical prowess is the perfect launchpad for Renault’s automotive innovation.”

Shikhar Aggarwal, the big wheel at BLS E-Services, is equally pumped. “This alliance with Renault isn’t just a partnership; it’s a revolution on wheels. We’re taking Kwid, Triber, and Kiger, and spreading them across rural India like wildfire. We’re not just changing how people move; we’re transforming the very essence of mobility. Get ready for a symphony of innovation that’ll resonate from every village street!”

This alliance is more than just a business move; it’s a commitment to India’s rural growth, showcasing Renault’s long-term dedication to the Indian market. BLS E-Services is set to turbocharge awareness and empower the rural masses, ensuring they have access to a world of goods and services, now including Renault’s latest automotive marvels.

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