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Valvoline Ignites 4th Annual Mechanics’ Month: Celebrating the Engine Whisperers Among Us

New Delhi, India – March 8, 2024: In an oily twist of events, Valvoline Cummins Private Limited, the seasoned veteran in the engine oil arena and a titan in global lubrication, has throttled into the 4th gear of its annual homage to the unsung heroes of the automotive world with the launch of Mechanics’ Month 2024. Under the banner “Mechanics Make the World Better,” this campaign is revving up to put the spotlight on the wrench wizards whose elbow grease keeps our daily lives running smoother than a well-oiled engine.

This March, the company aims to spark a worldwide gratitude rally for mechanics, celebrating their knack for banishing our vehicular woes and ensuring that engines and vehicles purr contentedly. With a suite of mass media spectacles and on-the-ground shenanigans planned, Valvoline is steering public attention towards these backstage magicians of mobility.

In a generous nod to the future gearheads of the world, Valvoline’s Muskaan Scholarship program continues to fuel dreams by offering educational lifelines to the progeny of truckers and mechanics from less privileged backgrounds. With over 3,500 young minds already in the driver’s seat of their academic journey, Valvoline is committed to expanding this initiative, pairing scholarship winners with company mentors for a ride through the realms of education and beyond.

Ipshita Chowdhury, Valvoline Cummins’ Head of Marketing, and Sandeep Kalia, Managing Director, both shared their turbocharged excitement for this year’s edition. They emphasized the campaign’s drive to not only applaud the mechanical maestros for keeping the automotive symphony in tune but also to encourage a heartwarming exchange of thanks between the public and their local auto savants.

Since its ignition in 2020, Mechanics’ Month has seen its participation lap increase from 15 to a whopping 62 countries, proving that the love for mechanics knows no borders. With a rich history of concocting top-tier engine potions and other vehicular elixirs, Valvoline Cummins attributes its roaring success to a steadfast dedication to innovation, quality, and an unwavering support for the mechanic community.

So, as Valvoline gears up for a month-long celebration, it’s time for us to tip our hats (and maybe even our cars) to the wizards under the hood who ensure that our world keeps rolling, one repair at a time.

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