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Nissan India to introduce 3 new models, target 100,000 exports

YOKOHAMA, Japan: In an ambitious move to redefine its market stance and accelerate towards a greener future, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd announced the launch of The Arc, a robust business plan aimed at enhancing global competitiveness and profitability. This strategic initiative marks a significant pivot towards increased electrification, with a comprehensive approach to revamp engineering, manufacturing practices, and embracing innovative technologies and strategic partnerships.

The Arc is set to serve as a pivotal link between the ongoing Nissan NEXT transformation strategy, which spans from fiscal 2020 through 2023, and the forward-looking Nissan Ambition 2030 vision. With detailed plans laid out for the mid-term (fiscal years 2024 to 2026) and mid-long term actions stretching up to 2030, Nissan is poised to navigate through the evolving automotive landscape with agility and precision.

Makoto Uchida, President and CEO of Nissan, highlighted the plan’s significance, stating, “The Arc is our roadmap to the future, showcasing our adaptive stride towards continuous progression amidst market shifts. This strategy is a testament to our commitment to driving value, competitiveness, and ensuring Nissan’s sustainable growth and profitability in the volatile market environment.”

Central to The Arc’s objectives is a product offensive strategy aimed at achieving a balanced mix of electrified and internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, tailored to meet diverse global market needs. Nissan aims to bolster its product lineup with 30 new models by fiscal year 2026, of which 16 will be electrified, underpinning its commitment to a sustainable automotive future.

Region-specific strategies underscore Nissan’s intent to fortify its presence in key markets, with plans to launch three all-new models in India, transforming it into a significant export hub targeting 100,000 units. The Americas, China, Japan, and regions encompassing Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Oceania are also set for targeted growth and model refreshes, aligning with the company’s electrification and customer experience objectives.

The enhancement of EV competitiveness forms a cornerstone of The Arc, with Nissan focusing on reducing next-generation EV costs by 30% through innovative development and manufacturing approaches, including grouped family development and modular manufacturing. This strategy is expected to bring Nissan closer to achieving cost parity between EVs and ICE vehicles by fiscal year 2030.

Nissan’s technological advancements, such as the next-generation ProPILOT driver-assistance system and diversified battery technologies, are integral to The Arc, promising to elevate the EV experience and customer satisfaction.

Strategic partnerships remain a vital component of Nissan’s approach, leveraging alliances with Renault and Mitsubishi Motors, among others, to ensure a competitive global product portfolio and technology sharing.

With a disciplined financial strategy to maintain resilient performance, Nissan projects an increase in global sales by an additional 1 million units and aims for an operating profit margin of more than 6% by the end of fiscal year 2026. The company also eyes unlocking 2.5 trillion yen in additional revenues from new business ventures by fiscal year 2030, underpinning its commitment to delivering value to stakeholders and paving the way towards achieving its long-term Ambition 2030 vision.

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