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Bangalore Races into the Future: Toyota Champions First-Ever Bidadi Marathon with a Twist of Sustainability

Bangalore, March 7, 2024 – In a spirited announcement that’s revving up excitement across the city, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has declared its vibrant partnership with the inaugural Toyota Greater Bengaluru Bidadi Half Marathon 2024. Set against the scenic backdrop of Jollywood Studio & Adventures in Bidadi, this pioneering event on March 24 promises a dawn of swift strides at 5:00 AM, all in the name of safety and sustainability.

Marking a milestone for the Bidadi Industries Association (BIA) Foundation, this event is not just a race; it’s a movement. With categories ranging from a robust 21Km to a breezy 3Km dash for the kiddos, the marathon welcomes everyone aged 16 and above to join in this grand escapade of endurance and environmental stewardship.

“Run for Safety & Sustainability” isn’t merely a slogan; it’s a call to action. This marathon is more than a physical challenge; it’s a communal leap towards promoting healthier lifestyles, safer roads, and a greener planet. The event underscores a shared vision for the Ramanagara district, aiming to weave a fabric of responsibility, fitness, and eco-consciousness among its residents.

The BIA Foundation, a newcomer yet a force for communal progress since 2023, underlines its mission to foster development and unity within the Ramanagara district. With solid backing from the local industrial community, the foundation is poised to make a lasting impact, leveraging the marathon as a beacon of hope and transformation.

Echoing the enthusiasm, Sudeep S Dalvi, TKM’s Senior Vice President, Director & Chief Communication Officer, shared, “Our involvement in this marathon transcends our automotive roots, propelling us into the heart of community service. We’re geared up to support the BIA Foundation’s vision, making the Toyota Greater Bengaluru Bidadi Half Marathon 2024 a landmark event that champions not just physical fitness, but also the pillars of safety and sustainability within the community.”

With a prize pool tantalizingly exceeding 2 lakhs, competitors have more than just personal bests to chase. Top performers will bask in glory and trophies, while every participant will be celebrated with a medal and an E-certificate, underscoring the event’s inclusive spirit.

As the registration window races towards its March 10th finish line, with over 2,500 participants already on board, the buzz is undeniable. Bangalore is on the brink of a marathon like no other, promising every runner a chance to make their mark on the path to a sustainable future.

So, Bangalore, it’s time to tie those laces, hit the ground running, and pave the way for a legacy of safety, sustainability, and spirited community action. The Toyota Greater Bengaluru Bidadi Half Marathon 2024 awaits your footprints on the journey to a greener tomorrow.

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