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Gadkari’s Grand Paving Plan: Roadways Richness Rains Rs. 3600 Crore on Rajasthan, Karnataka, Telangana

In a move that has road enthusiasts and travel buffs wheeling with joy, the Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Nitin Gadkari, has turbocharged India’s infrastructure drive with a mammoth funding spree. Gadkari, known for his high-octane approach to road development, has pumped in a colossal Rs. 972.80 crore to beef up 31 major arteries in Rajasthan. These roads, which have long been craving a diet of asphalt and concrete, will now be widened and strengthened to handle more traffic and reduce bottlenecks.

But wait, there’s more! The minister didn’t stop there; Rajasthan’s road network is also getting an additional Rs. 384.56 crore under the CRIF (Central Road and Infrastructure Fund) Setu Bandhan Yojana. This fund is earmarked for constructing 7 ROB/RUB/Flyovers across various districts, making commutes smoother than a freshly paved highway.

Not to leave Karnataka in the rearview mirror, Gadkari has declared a whopping Rs. 1385.60 crore for the state under the CRIF Scheme, targeting an expansive 295 Road Development Projects. Spanning a total length of 2055.62 Km across diverse districts, this initiative is set to rev the engines of socio-economic development and put connectivity on the fast track.

Telangana, too, is riding high on the road renovation route, with a generous Rs. 850.00 crore boost for the Widening and Strengthening of 31 State Road Projects, stretching over 435.29 Km. This infusion of funds is expected to accelerate economic growth, put local tourism on the express lane, and create myriad job opportunities, ensuring the regional economy doesn’t just hum along but roars to life.

Gadkari’s grand plan to revamp India’s roadways has been met with applause and anticipation. As the country gears up for these major upgrades, the road ahead looks promising, paved with opportunities for growth, connectivity, and development. So buckle up, India; it’s going to be a smoother ride!

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