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ZF Group Opens 19th Plant in India: Tamil Nadu Welcomes INR 1800 Crore Auto-Extravaganza

In a move that’s revving up excitement and possibly the local economy, ZF, known for being a global juggernaut in supplying automotive wizardry, has officially thrown open the doors to its latest manufacturing marvel in Oragadam, Tamil Nadu. This isn’t just any plant opening; it’s the 19th feather in ZF’s cap in India, signaling a whopping INR 1800 crores (~€200M) splurge aimed at turbocharging its manufacturing might in the country by the year 2030.

The grand inauguration, held in Chennai on February 14, 2024, wasn’t just about cutting ribbons and popping champagnes. It was ZF laying down the tarmac for its continued journey alongside India’s growth saga. The Oragadam plant, which sprawls over a princely 44.08 acres, is not just any site. It’s the 10th such facility in Tamil Nadu alone, cementing the state’s role as a crucial cog in ZF’s well-oiled machine.

Akash Passey, President, ZF Group India, Dr. Peter Laier, Member of the ZF Group Board of Management, and Head – Commercial Vehicle Solutions and Industrial Technology, T.R.B.Rajaa, Minister of Industries of Tamil Nadu and P Kaniappan, Managing Director

But wait, there’s more under the hood. This plant isn’t just about churning out parts; it’s a beacon of diversity, which ZF prides itself on. With a special focus on the ladies, ZF plans to have a predominantly female workforce at this site, driving home the message of empowerment alongside manufacturing excellence.

Dr. Peter Laier and Mr. Akash Passey, bigwigs at ZF, couldn’t contain their excitement, sharing visions of innovation, growth, and a commitment to making not just in India, but for the world from India. The Oragadam facility is set to be a front-runner in next-gen mobility, focusing on everything from safety to e-mobility, with a dash of sustainable and digital manufacturing to boot.

With an eye on the future, the Oragadam plant is also plugged into sustainability, boasting 100% renewable energy plans, rainwater harvesting, and a vision to be water positive by 2025. As ZF gears up to be climate neutral by 2040, this plant is certainly shifting gears towards a greener future.

So, as ZF Group zooms ahead in its Indian journey, the Oragadam plant stands as a testament to its commitment to diversity, sustainability, and cutting-edge manufacturing, all while keeping its wheels firmly planted in the fast lane of growth and innovation.

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