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Kia Unveils Futuristic Connected Home & EV Innovations at CES 2024

LAS VEGAS, Nev., January 8, 2024 – Kia America has made a groundbreaking debut at CES 2024 with the unveiling of the Kia Connected Home, a visionary concept that integrates vehicle-to-home (V2H) technology into everyday living. This two-story exhibit, located amidst the bustle of the convention center, presents a glimpse into a future where electric vehicles enhance our home lives.

Steven Center, COO and EVP of Kia America, emphasized Kia’s commitment to sustainable mobility and its transformative impact on home life. “Our presence at CES is about more than showcasing technology; it’s about illustrating a future where our vehicles extend their utility beyond transportation, becoming a vital part of the home ecosystem,” said Center.

The highlight of the exhibit is the all-electric Kia EV9, equipped with bidirectional V2H charging capabilities. This technology, to be paired with the upcoming Wallbox Quasar 2 charger, allows the EV9 to not only receive power from the home but also supply energy back, offering a potential lifeline during power outages. With a battery capacity significantly exceeding standard home energy storage systems, the EV9 promises to keep a household powered for days.

Adjacent to this is the Kia EV6, demonstrating its onboard power generator capabilities (V2L), highlighting the versatility of electric vehicles as mobile power sources.

Adding to the immersive experience, Kia introduces an innovative EV9 driving simulator, offering a first-hand experience of driving the SUV without leaving the convention center. This simulator provides a realistic driving sensation, complete with first-person perspective 3D visuals and network-connected turntable technology.

The Connected Home also showcases the Concept EV3 and EV4 models, embodying Kia’s ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy, which finds harmony in contrasting elements of nature and humanity. These concept vehicles, displayed in the front yard of the exhibit, signal Kia’s ongoing commitment to innovative design and sustainability.

Sustainability is a key theme at the Connected Home, as seen in the “10 Must-Have Items” display. This collection features materials like bioplastics and bio polyurethane, emphasizing Kia’s dedication to responsible innovation. Tom Kearns, chief designer at Kia Design Center America, highlighted the significance of sustainable materials in design, saying, “In today’s world, sustainable design is not just an option but a necessity that speaks volumes about our brand’s values and vision.”

Rounding off Kia’s CES presence is a preview of their ‘Platform Beyond Vehicles’ (PBV) strategy, showcasing five concept models. These models illustrate the versatility of Kia’s future vehicle platforms, ranging from modular designs for various applications to vehicles optimized for compact urban logistics.

The Kia Connected Home and its associated exhibits at CES 2024 not only highlight Kia’s innovative strides in electric vehicle technology but also reinforce the brand’s vision for a future where vehicles and homes are seamlessly interconnected, providing a smarter, more sustainable way of living.

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