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Abarth and Stellantis Motorsport Unite to Create the Most Powerful Abarth Ever

In a groundbreaking move, Abarth and Stellantis Motorsport have announced a strategic collaboration, heralding a new era in electric automotive excellence. This partnership is set to revolutionize the industry with the creation of the most powerful Abarth ever, boasting an impressive 240hp. This initiative is not just a new venture but a tribute to Abarth’s storied racing history, deeply ingrained in its DNA.

This collaboration is built upon a shared heritage of racing and innovation. Abarth’s tradition of transferring cutting-edge technologies from the track to the road aligns perfectly with Motorsport’s expertise, a key branch of the Stellantis Group. Together, they are redefining the concept of performance in road cars.

The heart of this venture is a new, high-performance platform. Derived from the renowned eCMP, and now rechristened as Perfo-eCMP, this platform encapsulates a fusion of technological prowess and racing acumen. A dedicated team of engineers and experts from both entities has meticulously analyzed and refined every technical element, resulting in a vehicle that is not just a machine, but a finely-tuned jewel.

This new Abarth is more than just power; it’s a harmonious blend of high-performance engineering and design. From its powertrain to its suspension, every aspect has been tailored to ensure unparalleled handling and dynamics. A unique feature is the limited slip differential, specifically designed for the dynamics of a BEV powertrain.

The vehicle also boasts an advanced braking system, with larger brake discs ensuring better heat dissipation and fade resistance. Tyre technology, inspired by Formula E, offers maximum grip without compromising on range or acoustics. Inside, the car features high-comfort, ergonomically designed seats, made from varied-density foams for optimized support and comfort, even during the most demanding drives.

Abarth’s journey towards electrification remains true to its roots, with performance at its core. This collaboration with Stellantis Motorsport is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation, fun, and safety for its enthusiasts. The partnership also highlights Stellantis Motorsport’s rich legacy in racing, with notable achievements across various championships.

This historic collaboration marks a new chapter for both Abarth and Stellantis Motorsport. As they continue to blend their rich histories and expertise, they promise to deliver vehicles that not only push the boundaries of performance but also stay true to their racing heritage. More details on this exciting venture are expected to be revealed soon.

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