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Rolls-Royce Unleashes the Black Badge Cullinan Series II: An Elevated Expression of Luxury and Power

Goodwood, England – The Rolls-Royce Black Badge sub-brand has always stood as a testament to unapologetic self-expression, and the newly unveiled Black Badge Cullinan Series II takes that ethos to new heights. This refined, evolved version of the groundbreaking luxury SUV epitomizes the brand’s distinctive, bold attitude, appealing to discerning clients who seek an unparalleled mode of expression.

The Series II iteration offers a visceral new look and experience. It’s an assertive statement of individuality featuring a unique exterior design with widened air intakes, a black-finished Pantheon grille with an illuminated ‘horizon line,’ and 23-inch wheels — a first for a Black Badge model. These interwoven spokes reveal strikingly colored brake calipers, available in a variety of shades.

The darkened, high-gloss exterior extends to all trim details, including the Spirit of Ecstasy figurine, emphasizing the model’s subversive persona. This is achieved with meticulous craftsmanship through techniques such as chrome electrolyte treatments and painstakingly hand-polished mirror finishes.

Inside, the Black Badge Cullinan Series II shines with advanced technology and materials. The new Duality Twill seating incorporates over two million stitches and 11 miles of thread, creating an intricate pattern that nods to nautical themes. In a Lounge Seat configuration, the infinity symbol is embroidered into the design.

Meanwhile, the Placed Perforation seating option brings an abstract cloud-like pattern to life with over 107,000 perforations in the leather. The Technical Carbon trim provides geometric texture with six layers of lacquer for a three-dimensional effect, while darkened metals like dashboard vents feature physical vapor deposition for a timeless aesthetic.

Bespoke digital treatments complement the sophisticated interiors with futuristic colorways like Vivid Grellow and Cyan Fire. The new Clock Cabinet vitrine with an analog timepiece and a Spirit of Ecstasy figurine add another layer of sophistication.

Performance-wise, the Black Badge Cullinan Series II maintains the proven power of its twin-turbocharged 6.75-litre V12 engine, boasting 600PS and 900Nm torque. With recalibrated transmission and steering systems, this SUV remains smooth yet responsive. The bespoke Black Badge exhaust system roars to life when the Low Mode button is pressed, unlocking the full torque at just 1,700rpm and offering 50% faster gear shifts.

Rolls-Royce continues its bold and defiant approach to luxury with this latest incarnation of the Black Badge Cullinan Series II. According to Anders Warming, Director of Design at Rolls-Royce, “Self-expression, individuality, and boldness are demanded more than ever before. Our creative response has matched the daring of those who commission these motor cars.”

From its dynamic stance to its primal aesthetic, the Black Badge Cullinan Series II is set to challenge conventions and empower drivers to express themselves like never before.

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