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Bobby Deol Revs Up the Ante in Kia’s Latest ‘Tech is now Badass’ Campaign for the New Seltos

New Delhi, April 20, 2024 – In an electrifying fusion of style, technology, and power, Kia India announces its latest ‘Tech is now Badass’ campaign, turning heads with the new Seltos and Bollywood icon Bobby Deol at the forefront. This groundbreaking campaign introduces the New Seltos, powered with Kia Connect, showcasing a whopping 70 advanced connectivity features that promise to redefine what tech-driven mobility means in today’s world.

Renowned for its innovative approach and pushing boundaries, Kia, India’s leading premium carmaker, has once again outdone itself by merging the bold and unconventional spirit of Bobby Deol with the technologically advanced and performance-oriented Seltos. This collaboration is designed to appeal to those who seek a unique and elevated driving experience, combining high-tech features with robust performance and an assertive on-road presence.

The teaser, setting the stage for the main campaign film, captures the essence of this partnership perfectly. It kicks off with Bobby Deol stylishly activating the New Seltos X-Line through the Kia Connect app on his smartwatch, setting a tone of sophistication and advanced technology. The anticipation builds as it promises an epic showdown between Seltos’ technological mastery and Bobby Deol’s charismatic ‘Badass’ persona in the upcoming main film.

Kia India’s bold move to collaborate with Bobby Deol, known for his distinctive style and strong screen presence, underscores the carmaker’s commitment to offering unparalleled experiences that blend style, performance, and cutting-edge technology seamlessly.

The ‘Tech is now Badass’ campaign not only marks a significant milestone in Kia’s journey but also establishes the New Seltos as the quintessential choice for those daring to embrace a lifestyle that’s as unconventional as it is tech-forward. With this campaign, Kia India reinforces its vision of leading the way in creating mobility experiences that are both exhilarating and richly connected.

Stay tuned as Kia and Bobby Deol gear up to take you on a thrilling ride, proving once and for all that when it comes to tech, ‘Badass’ is the new norm.

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