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Gadkari Greenlights Gargantuan Grant: Mizoram’s Mega Motorway Makes Headway!

In a move that has the citizens of Mizoram revving their engines in anticipation, Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways, Nitin Gadkari, has unleashed a whopping Rs. 1742.11 crore into the construction coffers for a monumental makeover of NH-6. Announced on 13 February, this financial fuel injection is set to transform the travel terrain between N. Kawnpui (N.Mualvum) and Sairang into a 4-lane freeway fiesta.

Covering a stretch of 24.41 km along the scenic Silchar –Valrengte – Sairang route, nestled within the picturesque precincts of Aizawl and Kolasib districts, this highway hootenanny is not just any roadwork rally. Slated for execution under the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) mode, as part of the National Highway (Original) – North East (NH(O)-NE) scheme, it promises to be a pavement pioneer.

In a social media spiel that set the digital dominion abuzz, Gadkari gushed about the project’s potential to pave the path to progress. By sidestepping snarl-ups and skirting city congestion, this infrastructure initiative is geared to grease the wheels of urban mobility, ensuring smoother sailings through Mizoram’s metropolitan mazes.

Echoing the essence of efficiency, the project pledges to pluck 25 kilometers off the current commute from Vairengte to Sairang. This is not just a road; it’s a route to rejuvenation, aiming to alleviate the asphalt agonies of Aizawl’s inhabitants by banishing bottlenecks and boosting safety.

So, as Gadkari gears up to guide Mizoram onto the fast track of the future, the state stands at the threshold of a transport transformation. Mizoram, start your engines – the mega motorway is on its way, and it’s bringing a highway of hope with every hectometer!

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