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Mercedes-Benz and GECBH Shift Gears in Kerala with Celebratory Ten-Year Lap of ADAM Course

In a jubilant fusion of academia and industry, the prestigious partnership between Mercedes-Benz India and Government Engineering College Barton Hill (GECBH) marks a decade of steering young minds through the Advanced Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics (ADAM) course in Trivandrum, Kerala. This alliance has not only fueled the Skill India initiative but also turbocharged the careers of over 215 engineering aficionados across 13 batches, proving to be a powerhouse of learning, innovation, and collaboration.

Under the hood of this celebratory milestone, Mercedes-Benz revs up its commitment by donating two cutting-edge EV motors and an automatic transmission to GECBH. This generous contribution is set to enrich the students’ hands-on experience with the latest in electric vehicle (EV) and automatic transmission technologies, aligning with the course’s mission to provide a comprehensive understanding of automotive mechatronics and EV drivetrains.

Each year, the course welcomes 40 engineering talents, selected through a rigorous entrance examination, to dive into a year-long curriculum covering Mechanical, Electronics, Vehicle Systems, and EV modules. The course, distinguished for introducing an industry-first specialized EV module, continues to evolve, ensuring its graduates are not just future-ready but are also driving towards a greener automotive horizon.

The partnership’s engine was first ignited in 2012 with a memorandum of understanding between Mercedes-Benz India Limited and the Government of Kerala, leading to the ADAM Centre’s grand unveiling in 2014. Since then, it has been a journey of mutual growth, fostering a skilled workforce adept in the latest automotive technologies.

Santosh Iyer, the Managing Director & CEO of Mercedes-Benz India, reflected on the journey, “Celebrating ten years of this fruitful partnership with GECBH underscores our shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and nurturing talent. The ADAM course stands as a testament to our dedication towards creating a skilled workforce, ready to meet the challenges of the future automotive landscape, particularly in the realm of EVs.”

Echoing this sentiment, Dr. Shiny G., Principal of GECBH, highlighted the transformative impact of the ADAM course, “This collaboration has been a cornerstone in providing our students with unparalleled opportunities to excel in the automotive industry. The practical, hands-on training has not only enhanced their learning experience but has significantly boosted their employability.”

As Mercedes-Benz and GECBH shift into the next gear of their journey, the ADAM course promises to continue its legacy of driving excellence, fostering innovation, and powering the dreams of aspiring automotive engineers in Kerala and beyond.

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