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Porsche Pays Tribute to Racing Legend and Visionary Herbert Linge

Stuttgart, Germany, January 5, 2024 – Porsche AG today announced the passing of Herbert Linge, a pivotal figure in the company’s history, at the age of 95. Linge, renowned for his contributions as a racing driver and as the Operations Manager of the Weissach Development Centre, left an indelible mark on both Porsche and motorsport worldwide.

Herbert Linge’s journey with Porsche began as one of the company’s first apprentices. His vision led to the establishment of the Weissach proving ground, a critical development site near his hometown. Linge’s legacy extends beyond engineering feats; he was instrumental in implementing vital safety measures in motorsports globally.

Michael Steiner, Executive Board Member for Research and Development at Porsche, expressed deep sorrow over Linge’s passing, praising him for his lifelong dedication to Porsche as a driver, innovator, and technician. “Herbert Linge’s impact on Porsche is immeasurable. His contributions to motorsport safety and his pioneering role in our Weissach Development Centre have left an enduring legacy. We will forever cherish his memory,” Steiner said.

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Chairman of Porsche’s Supervisory Board, reflected on Linge’s close relationship with his grandfather, Ferdinand Porsche. “Herbert Linge was integral to Porsche’s resurgence and international expansion post-World War II. His personal connection with my grandfather and father Ferry played a key role in shaping our company’s future,” Dr. Porsche stated, extending condolences to Linge’s family.

Born on June 11, 1928, in Weissach, Linge’s association with Porsche started at age 14. He was the first mechanic employed in Stuttgart post-Gmünd and was one of the last people to have known Ferdinand Porsche personally. Linge’s expertise was crucial in the development of the first Porsche 356 built in Stuttgart, and his test drives were a prerequisite for the delivery of early Porsche sports cars.

Linge’s motorsport career is marked by numerous victories and iconic moments, including his role as a double for Steve McQueen in the film ‘Le Mans’. His commitment to motorsport safety led to the founding of the ONS safety arm in 1972, saving countless lives in the racing world.

Herbert Linge’s retirement in 1987 from his role at the Weissach Development Centre did not end his association with Porsche. He remained active as a motorsport consultant and later led the successful Carrera Cup racing series from 1990. Linge, a revered figure in Weissach, continued to engage with Porsche events and motor shows, sharing his rich experiences and anecdotes.

As Porsche mourns the loss of a legendary figure, Herbert Linge’s legacy as a visionary, a safety advocate, and a cornerstone of Porsche’s history will be fondly remembered and celebrated.

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