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Gadkari’s Grand Roadway Gala: Unveiling a Smorgasbord of Multi-Crore Highway Projects Across India

In a move that spells big bucks and bigger bypasses, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, has unleashed a whopping Rs 1894.76 crore to construct the 29 km long, 4-lane Jaunpur Bypass (Package-1) in Uttar Pradesh. This project, part of the Jaunpur-Akbarpur section on National Highway – 135A, is not just a road; it’s a lifeline aimed at easing the traffic turmoil in Jaunpur city and providing vital connections to several national highways.

But wait, there’s more! Gadkari, in a spree of approvals, has also greenlit the expansion of the 2nd Gen Chhapra Bypass in Bihar. This Rs 481.86 crore makeover will add three lanes to the existing highway, ensuring a smoother flow and quicker travel times, while also knitting a seamless link to the Purvanchal Expressway.

And just when you thought he was done, Gadkari hits us with a double whammy in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. A cool Rs 691.70 crore has been allocated for the 6 km long 4-lane Kotdwar Bypass on National Highway-119. This isn’t just a bypass; it’s a congestion crusher for Kotdwar city and a turbo boost for tourism and pilgrimage connectivity.

Not one to leave Jharkhand behind, Gadkari has sanctioned Rs 438.34 crore for a 2-lane bypass around Giridih town. This isn’t just a road; it’s a time machine set to slash travel time from Ranchi to Deoghar and spur socio-economic growth.

And there’s still more! In Himachal Pradesh, Gadkari is playing the road wizard again, upgrading a road from Kalar Bala village to Nauni Chowk on National Highway- 205 to a 4-lane wonder with a Rs 1244.43 crore wand. This project promises to bridge distances to Shimla, Kangra, and more.

Finally, Gadkari waves his infrastructural magic wand over Odisha, allocating Rs. 718.26 crore to widen and strengthen the Daringbadi Ghat section on National Highway -59. This project, spanning 26.96 Km, is set to transform a tourist hotspot into a smooth, safe, and scenic drive.

In summary, Gadkari’s grand roadway gala is not just about laying tarmac; it’s about connecting lives, fueling economies, and paving the path to progress, one mega project at a time.

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