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Hyundai Plays Fairy Godmother, Magically Turns Tucson Hybrid into Premium Pumpkins Without the Premium Price Tag!

In a spellbinding move straight out of a fairy tale, Hyundai UK has waved its magical wand to grant Tucson Hybrid buyers a dazzling upgrade – from the humble SE Connect to the enchanting Premium trim – all without spending an extra penny from their treasure chests. This enchanting transformation, valued at a princely sum of £2,200 (INR 2.30 lakh), is Hyundai’s way of sprinkling a little extra joy in the lives of its loyal subjects.

But wait, there’s more magic in the air! Hyundai isn’t stopping with just one act of generosity. The automotive sorcerer is also offering a bewitching £1,750 additional finance deposit contribution for those noble enough to finance their chariots through PCP or Personal Motor Loans. This spellbinding offer ensures that getting behind the wheel of a Tucson Hybrid feels like being whisked away to a ball in a carriage fit for royalty.

For those knights and ladies who dream of a steed with a bit more flair, the Tucson Hybrid N Line, a mount with sporty styling that’s sure to turn heads at every tournament, can be had for a mere £200 upgrade fee. And for the most discerning of castle dwellers, the Ultimate and N Line S trims are now within reach for £600 (INR 62,777) less than before.

This Hybrid Upgrade Event is no mere potion or spell; it’s a testament to Hyundai’s commitment to spreading happiness far and wide across the kingdom. But as with all good tales, this offer has an expiry date. Prospective charioteers have until the stroke of midnight on the 31st March 2024 to take advantage of these royal decrees. Terms and conditions apply, of course, because even in fairy tales, the fine print must be observed.

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