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ZF Aftermarket Revs Up the Fun in India: Launches ‘Made in India’ Range at Automechanika

New Delhi, India – In a move that’s shaking up the streets and shock absorbers of India, ZF Aftermarket is expanding its footprint with flair and a touch of local zest. The country now boasts a hub of expertise in manufacturing TRW’s shock absorbers, making it clear that when it comes to the automotive aftermarket, ZF is not just participating; it’s leading the parade with a bandwagon of ‘Made in India’ products.

With TRW shock absorbers, brake pads, and discs rolling off the production lines, ZF is hitting the high notes of innovation and customer satisfaction. The commitment to the ‘Make in India’ initiative is more than just talk; it’s about building, designing, and innovating in India, for India. The local production of TRW shock absorbers is a game-changer, proving that ZF is not just in motion but ahead of the curve in Next Generation Mobility.

Philippe Colpron, the maestro leading ZF Aftermarket, shared his vision of India playing a “pivotal role” in the global strategy of transforming mobility into a symphony of services. Meanwhile, Andre Scholle, Vice President and regional head honcho, highlighted the accelerating pace of the Indian aftermarket, positioning ZF as the conductor of a symphony of local product creation and global excellence.

At Automechanika New Delhi, ZF didn’t just show up; it showed off, showcasing solutions that span from continuous damping control to telematics, proving that when it comes to the future of mobility, they’re composing the score.

And let’s not forget the SACHS clutches that are making every gear shift as smooth as a Beethoven symphony, and a new coolant that promises to keep engines humming at just the right tempo, compliant with the highest standards and boasting a boiling point that’s music to every engineer’s ears.

In essence, ZF Aftermarket is not just expanding its presence in India; it’s setting the stage for a future where mobility is a harmonious blend of performance, innovation, and customer-centric solutions. So, buckle up, India. The future of mobility is here, and it’s got ZF written all over it.

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