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HiLux Hilarity: Toyota Turbocharges Tradie’s Favourite With Dazzling Design and Dynamic Diesel Diet

In a move that’s set to rev up laughter and fuel savings alike, Toyota has pulled the covers off its latest comedy act – a brawnier, brainier HiLux with a facelift that’s not just skin deep. Dubbed as the ultimate gag in the garage, the upgraded HiLux struts into Australian showrooms in March, boasting a 48-Volt tech tickle that tickles both the environment and enthusiasts of the iconic pick-up.

Brace yourselves for a rib-tickling reveal as the HiLux dons a new muscular mask, flexing a front-end facelift that’s as rugged as a punchline at a roast. The fan-favourite double-cab auto diesel variants are now dressed to impress with an octagonal grille that grins wider, a trapezoidal smirk below, and fog lamps that wink from their bold outer bumper.

The chuckle doesn’t stop there; the 48-Volt giggles – a standard hoot on the 4×4 Rogue and automatic SR5 double cabs, and a knee-slapper option for the 4×4 SR double cabs – promise to snicker at fuel stops with a 6-10 per cent improvement in fuel efficiency, thanks to the beefed-up 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine.

Toyota Australia’s Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Franchise Operations, Sean Hanley, couldn’t contain his excitement, stating, “Injecting 48-Volt technology into the HiLux double-cabs is a leap towards laughter, marrying fuel efficiency with the legendary performance and capability the HiLux is celebrated for.”

With a facelift that features a comedic combo of a new grille, front bumper, and fog lamp fashion, the HiLux range has never looked more jesting. WorkMate variants sport a black honeycomb mesh grille for a tough yet sporty vibe, while SR and SR5 grades dazzle with silver and gloss black finishes, respectively.

Under the hood, the 48-Volt system orchestrates a symphony of smoothness, reducing the rattle to a giggle with a stop/start system that enhances driveability, fuel efficiency, and reduces noise, vibration, and harshness. Off-road adventurers are in for a treat with Multi-Terrain Select, ensuring the laughter doesn’t end when the road does.

SR variants opting for the 48-Volt upgrade will enjoy dual-zone automatic climate control and smart entry, among other features, ensuring comfort is no joke. And for those navigating tight spots, the inclusion of parking sensors across all SR double-cab automatic pick-up grades promises to make parking a laughing matter.

Completing the comedic upgrade, the SR5, along with the HiLux Rogue and GR Sport, now feature a wireless charging pad and rear USB-C ports, ensuring the fun never dies, even on the longest of journeys.

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