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From Small Screen to Big Luxury: TV Star Neha Pendse buys Mercedes-Maybach GLS at a Whopping INR 3 Crore!

In a move that merges the glamour of Bollywood with the glitz of the automotive world, television sensation Neha Pendse, famed for her role as Sanjana Hiteshi in “May I Come In Madam?”, has just elevated her commute in a style befitting a star. Pendse has splashed a dazzling INR 2.96 crore on the opulent Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4Matic, painting the town Obsidian Black with her new ultra-luxurious ride.

This isn’t just any car; it’s a statement on wheels. Sporting the VIP number MH12WJ0002, the Mercedes-Maybach GLS is a symphony of high-end engineering and lavish comfort, embodying the zenith of SUV experiences. With its striking exterior and a cabin that whispers luxury, this vehicle is less a car and more a mobile palace.

And talk about a throne! The Executive seat, standard in this royal ride, reclines fully at the push of a button, offering a travel comfort that rivals most first-class flights. It’s not just a seat; it’s an experience, complete with a hot-stone massage, climate control, and adjustable side cushions for that perfect lateral support.

Pendse, who also won hearts and a Filmfare Award Marathi for Best Actress with her performance in the drama film “June”, has certainly earned her place in this epitome of automotive indulgence. The GLS’s specs are as impressive as its looks: a 3982 cc V8 Biturbo engine, churning out 557 HP power and 730 Nm torque, capable of hitting 100 kmph in a mere 4.9 seconds.

But it’s not all about speed and power. The rear seats are akin to a first-class cabin, with up to 43.5 degrees of backrest tilt and sofa-like comfort, ensuring passengers are transported in the lap of luxury. The high-end entertainment system, featuring Burmester sound and full-HD displays, turns the backseat into a private concert hall.

And for those who like their refreshments as elite as their ride, there’s a refrigerated compartment with champagne flutes holder, because why not?

In essence, Neha Pendse’s new Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 4Matic isn’t just a car. It’s a statement. It’s a lifestyle. It’s, as the actress might agree, the perfect way to say, “May I come in, Madam?” to the world of ultimate luxury.

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