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Honda Cuts the Cord: Accord Goes Wireless with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Upgrade

TORRANCE, Calif., January 30, 2024 – In a move that’s sure to rev the engines of tech-savvy drivers everywhere, Honda has announced a groundbreaking upgrade that will bring wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into approximately 631,000 Accord models spanning 2018 to 2022. This dealer-installed marvel transforms the digital dashboard experience, removing the need for pesky cords and heralding a new era of in-car connectivity.

The upgrade, which was unveiled today, is part of Honda’s ambitious drive towards sustainability. By enhancing the in-market value of its vehicles through digital upgrades and new services, Honda is shifting gears towards maximizing the lifetime value of its cars. This strategy not only elevates the ownership experience but also propels Honda closer to its zero environmental impact goal by 2050.

For Accords decked out with the original wired setup for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the new software introduces a world of wireless wonder, offering easier access to apps, tunes, maps, and voice assistants without the tangle. “This quick software update leverages the existing tech in our vehicles, offering customers seamless connectivity,” said Jay Joseph, the eco-friendly vice president of the Sustainability & Business Development Division at American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Eager Accord owners can swing by any authorized Honda dealer to snag the upgrade, with a price tag of $112 plus labor. However, those who pick up their Accord as a Honda Certified Pre-Owned vehicle will enjoy this tech treat free of charge, adding yet another perk to Honda’s certified lineup. For more details, customers are invited to explore the Honda DreamShop.

As Honda accelerates towards its 2050 carbon neutrality goal, the company is exploring a variety of sustainability initiatives designed to enhance the experience for current and future Honda owners. This includes the launch of a free Honda Driver Coaching app and integrating myQ Connected Garage into the HondaLink and AcuraLink apps, ensuring Honda drivers stay connected, both on the road and at home.

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