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Sany India at Bharat Mobility Expo with ‘Made in India’ Machinery Marvels

New Delhi, February 02, 2024: In an event that turned heads and hoisted spirits, Sany India took center stage at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024, armed with a lineup of construction equipment that was as groundbreaking as it was homegrown. Dubbed the “Naye Bharat ka Nirmata,” or the builder of New India, Sany India didn’t just showcase machinery; it showcased ambition, wrapped in the tricolor and geared towards global markets.

From February 1-3, the Bharat Mandapam at Pragati Maidan became a playground for the heavyweights of construction, where Sany India, a titan in the making, flexed its mechanical muscles. The company’s display included the towering STH 1256 Telescopic Handler, the robust SSR 120 Soil Compactor, the meticulous Paver SAP100C-10, and the mighty SCM 1000 Milling Machine – all proudly bearing the ‘Made in India’ tag while eyeing international horizons.

This showcase wasn’t just about the machinery; it was a testament to Sany India’s leap towards becoming a global manufacturing hub, aligning perfectly with the Indian government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. The move to export machinery to the US market was a crowning achievement, proving that Indian manufacturing can indeed meet global standards.

Deepak Garg, the Managing Director of Sany and South Asia, beamed with pride as he commented, “At Sany India, we’re not just building equipment; we’re building dreams, infrastructure, and a future where India leads from the front. Our participation in Bharat Mobility 2024 is a showcase of our commitment to quality, performance, and sustainability, driving forward the nation’s infrastructure development.”

With over 30,000 Sany machines already contributing to India’s infrastructure landscape, the company’s presence at the expo was more than a display; it was a declaration of its role as a pivotal force in shaping India’s infrastructural destiny. As Sany India continues to pave the way with its innovative solutions and global-quality machinery, it’s clear that the only thing they’re constructing faster than infrastructure is their reputation as a leader in the construction equipment industry.

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