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Hyundai Goes Hugely ‘Hydro-genial’ in Brazil, Promises a Billion Dollar Green Dream

São Paulo, February 22, 2024 – In a move that could be called anything but ‘car’-ventional, Hyundai Motor Group’s Executive Chair, Euisun Chung, has been wheeling and dealing in Brazil, showcasing the company’s ambitious plans to turn green dreams into reality. Amidst handshakes and smiles, Chung met with Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, laying out a blueprint for a hydrogen-fueled future with a whopping investment of over $1.1 billion by 2032.

Hyundai isn’t just in Brazil to sell cars; they’re here to sow seeds of growth and goodwill. From free dental care to reforestation, Hyundai’s driving forward with social contributions that could make even the Grinch smile. As President Lula aptly put it, “A stable country with a future receives more investment,” and Hyundai seems to be nodding along, writing a big fat check for technology and green hydrogen.

Forget about just being a Good Job Company, Hyundai’s Brazilian plant is steering towards being a great one, embracing an employee-first philosophy. This isn’t just about four wheels and an engine; it’s about putting people before pistons. With Brazil’s decarbonization policy shifting gears, Hyundai’s ready to pump in eco-friendly energy, aiming to electrify the Brazilian roads with electric and hydrogen vehicles.

Chung’s visit wasn’t just a meet-and-greet with political bigwigs. He also zoomed over to the University of São Paulo, discussing talent development and industry-academia cooperation in eco-friendly technologies. It seems Hyundai is gearing up to lead Brazil’s clean energy race, not just on the roads but in the halls of academia too.

And it’s not just about cars. Hyundai’s eyeing the skies with Advanced Air Mobility and playing with power with Small Modular Reactor development. With the launch of the Kia EV5 and the development of a Brazil-optimized powertrain for hybrid Flexible-Fuel Vehicles, Hyundai is shifting gears towards a more eco-friendly future.

So, as Chung wraps up his Brazilian tour, it’s clear that Hyundai’s not just selling dreams; they’re driving a green revolution, one hydrogen molecule at a time. Watch out, Brazil; Hyundai’s rolling into town, and they’re not just here to take a test drive.

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