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Two Ways to Zoom: INEOS Automotive Unveils the Fusilier, A Dual-Powertrain Dynamo!

In a move electrifying the 4X4 market, INEOS Automotive has revealed its latest marvel, the INEOS Fusilier. This trailblazing vehicle isn’t just any off-roader; it’s a fusion of futuristic and flexible power, offering both an all-electric and a range-extender electric powertrain. The Fusilier, a tad smaller than its sibling, the INEOS Grenadier, promises to conquer both city streets and rugged terrain with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the visionary Chairman of INEOS, enthused about the Fusilier’s dual identity. “The Fusilier isn’t just a stunner; it’s a game-changer in reducing carbon emissions without sacrificing the thrill of off-road adventures or the grace of city cruising,” he said. He acknowledged the limitations of purely electric vehicles, underscoring the range-extender’s role in alleviating ‘range anxiety’—a common concern among electric car drivers.

The unveiling of the INEOS Fusilier in London marks a significant stride towards zero-emission mobility, a commitment INEOS made in May 2022. The range-extender model particularly stands out, featuring a compact petrol engine that generates power to recharge the battery on the go, ideal for situations where external charging isn’t feasible. Details on this innovative powertrain and its launch timeline are expected to be released by autumn 2024.

Ratcliffe highlighted the necessity of diverse powertrain technologies in the journey towards decarbonization. “To truly resonate with consumers and meet various needs, we need a mix of technologies. While battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are ideal for short trips and urban use, range extenders offer the extended range and refueling convenience crucial for certain applications,” he explained.

Developed in collaboration with Magna Steyr, a leading name in automotive manufacturing, the INEOS Fusilier is not just another 4X4—it’s a statement. Leveraging the Grenadier’s DNA, the Fusilier takes a modern turn, boasting a bespoke skateboard platform, a steel top hat, underbody, and sleek aluminum doors.

The partnership between INEOS and Magna Steyr isn’t new. They’ve previously worked on the Grenadier station wagon and Quartermaster pick-up, with the Fusilier set to undergo rigorous testing on Austria’s Schöckl mountain near Magna’s vehicle assembly facility in Graz.

Lynn Calder, CEO of INEOS Automotive, reflected on the significance of this launch. “Introducing our third model line reinforces our commitment to the automotive sector. We’re in for the long haul, with our full vehicle line-up reflecting this dedication.”

In line with its commitment to a greener future, INEOS Automotive also showcased a Grenadier Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Demonstrator at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July 2023. This underscores the potential for hydrogen-powered 4X4s, though a robust refueling infrastructure is a prerequisite for commercial viability.

INEOS Automotive, born from Jim Ratcliffe’s vision in 2017, has rapidly evolved into a formidable player in the 4X4 arena. The launch of the Grenadier in 2022 marked its entry with a global 4X4 that merged rugged British design with German engineering. Following the Grenadier and its double-cab pick-up variant, the Quartermaster, the Fusilier’s introduction is another bold step towards electrifying the world of 4X4s.

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