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Drive Home Luxury with Exceptional Gudi Padwa Offers on Lexus ES 300h

In an exclusive Gudi Padwa celebration, Lexus invites enthusiasts to elevate their driving experience with the Lexus ES 300h, a beacon of luxury in the comfort segment. This festive season, the premium automaker has unveiled an array of irresistible benefits designed to blend luxury with value like never before.

Prospective owners of the Lexus ES 300h can now revel in the opulence of Lexus with a comprehensive package of benefits, ensuring that the journey to luxury is as rewarding as the destination. Highlighting the Gudi Padwa offers are complimentary insurance and an extended warranty, coupled with an attractive Rate of Interest (ROI) of just 4.99%. This financial suite is tailored to make ownership worry-free and more accessible.

In a move that sets new standards in customer satisfaction and vehicle value retention, Lexus is offering a 60% assured buyback, providing peace of mind and flexibility for the future. Furthermore, the Lexus ES 300h comes with an 8-year hybrid electric battery warranty, underscoring Lexus’s commitment to reliability, sustainability, and unmatched performance.

Owners can also take advantage of depreciation benefits, adding another layer of financial prudence to the ownership experience. These curated offers not only enhance the appeal of the Lexus ES 300h but also reinforce Lexus’s dedication to delivering unparalleled luxury and value.

Priced at INR 63.10 lakh, the Lexus ES sedan stands out in the comfort luxury segment, promising an oasis of calm and refinement. Its design philosophy focuses on interior luxuries, serene quietness, and a plush ride quality, distinguishing itself from the more austere sport sedans. This Gudi Padwa, Lexus extends an invitation to discerning buyers to experience the zenith of automotive luxury, combined with the peace of mind and exceptional value offered by the festive season’s exclusive benefits.

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