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Manhart Unleashes Beastly MH2 560: A BMW M2 on Steroids!

In a dazzling display of automotive alchemy, Manhart has once again flexed its engineering muscles to transform the already potent BMW M2 G87 into the jaw-dropping MH2 560. Barely a year since the M2 made its grand entry, it quickly became the compact class’s performance darling, boasting a three-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder engine with 460 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque. Yet, for Manhart, that was merely a starting point.

With a penchant for pushing boundaries, the MH2 560 emerges as Manhart’s latest marvel, packing a punch with 560 horsepower and an imposing 650 Nm of torque. This surge in power is courtesy of the TÜV-approved Manhart MHtronik powerbox, alongside a suite of exhaust enhancements including Manhart Sport Downpipes with HJS catalytic converters and a stainless steel exhaust system, all designed to meet rigorous TÜV standards. For those looking beyond the conventional, Manhart offers Race Downpipes and OPF-Delete replacement pipes, exclusively for markets outside TÜV’s jurisdiction.

But the transformation doesn’t stop under the hood. The MH2 560 also boasts aesthetic and functional upgrades, from the Manhart Concave One alloy wheels in a stunning diamond-polished finish to the Manhart suspension optimization for unmatched driving dynamics. The vehicle’s muscular stance is accentuated with carbon body parts, including a Manhart Carbon hood attachment and carbon kidney grilles, ensuring that it looks as fierce as it performs.

Manhart hints that this is just the beginning of their journey with the M2, promising even more exhilarating developments in the pipeline. With the MH2 560, Manhart not only elevates the M2’s performance but also reinforces its status as a master of automotive refinement. The roads just got a little more thrilling.

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