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Rolls-Royce in 2023: A Century and a Score of Vroom and Bloom!

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the epitome of automotive luxury, has just zoomed past its 119th year with a record-breaking performance in 2023. With a whopping 6,032 luxury vehicles rolling out to clients worldwide, each uniquely bespoked, it’s not just the engines purring with pride!

Back to the Future: As it gears up to celebrate 120 years since founders Charles Rolls and Henry Royce’s handshake, Rolls-Royce isn’t just cruising down memory lane. They’re speeding into an electrifying future with their all-electric strategy, starting with the Spectre, which has already caught the fancy of the young and affluent, with orders zooming into 2025.

Global Luxury Lap: From the streets of North America to the alleys of China, Rolls-Royce’s global sales map is as balanced as their finely-tuned engines, with growth revving up in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

Jobs Galore: It’s not just about the cars. In 2023, Rolls-Royce also accelerated its impact on the economy, creating 180 new jobs at their Goodwood headquarters. They’re not just building cars; they’re building futures!

Investment Overdrive: With an eye on the electric horizon, Rolls-Royce is supercharging its investment in electric vehicle production and Bespoke commissions. Plans to extend their Goodwood site have been set in motion, marking a new chapter in the luxury automaker’s storied history.

CEO Speaks: Chris Brownridge, the new CEO at the wheel, is all revved up about the company’s robust health and clear growth strategy. With technical prowess and a dedicated team, he’s ready to steer Rolls-Royce to new heights of luxury and innovation.

The Year in Summary: 2023 saw Rolls-Royce not just selling cars, but selling dreams on wheels. With their Bespoke personalisation reaching new heights, the company continues to redefine luxury, one customised car at a time. While the Wraith and Dawn bid adieu, the Spectre has electrified the market, symbolising a bold, all-electric future.

Bespoke Brilliance: Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke program has been a runway success, with clients unleashing their creativity through customisation. From scent-release mechanisms to hand-painted artworks, Rolls-Royce is not just about cars; it’s about moving masterpieces.

A Coachbuild Chapter: The company’s Coachbuild initiative has rolled out the Droptail, a testament to Rolls-Royce’s commitment to craftsmanship and exclusivity. Only four of these will ever exist, making them as rare as they are luxurious.

Sales and More: With the most sales in their 119-year history, Rolls-Royce has shown that luxury is not just about numbers but about exceeding expectations. The USA and China lead the sales charge, with the Middle East contributing heavily to the Bespoke demand.

Economic and Environmental Drive: Rolls-Royce isn’t just about making money; they’re about making a difference. Their economic impact study shows a significant contribution to the UK economy, and their future talent program ensures the legacy of luxury craftsmanship continues.

Building the Future: As Rolls-Royce accelerates into an all-electric future, their investment in manufacturing and technology is set to redefine luxury automaking. With plans to modernise their Goodwood facilities, Rolls-Royce is not just building cars; they’re building the future of luxury mobility.

In short, Rolls-Royce in 2023 isn’t just a car company; it’s a driving force in luxury, innovation, and economic impact. Buckle up, because the journey’s just getting started!

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