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Electric Avenue Goes Circular: Omega Seiki and Attero Team Up to Give EV Batteries a Second Spin

In a twist that’s energizing the electric vehicle (EV) world, Omega Seiki Private Limited (OSPL) and Attero have sparked a collaboration set to revamp the lifecycle of EV batteries, aiming to keep them rolling well beyond their first charge. With Omega Seiki zipping past the deployment of over 10,000 electric vehicles, Attero is gearing up to turn these used power sources into the champions of energy storage. This alliance isn’t just about recycling; it’s about revolutionizing how we think about EV batteries, with plans to repurpose over 1 GWH (gigawatt-hour) of them in the next five years, and recycling ambitions hitting over 100 MWh in the next 3-4 years.

Dated 6th February 2024, from the bustling streets of New Delhi, this partnership signals a significant gear shift for the EV and e-waste sectors. Attero, with its high-capacity facilities capable of handling 145,000 metric tons of E-Waste and 11,000 metric tons of Battery Waste annually, plans to supercharge its capacity to 15,000 metric tons by next year. This move is powered by more than 45 global patents and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of lithium-ion battery recycling.

Omega Seiki isn’t just riding the sustainable wave; they’re helping to create it. The company has transformed all its plants into solar-powered havens, aiming for Net Zero and urging its suppliers to catch the green wave. With a pledge to recycle 100% of its waste, OSPL is steering the industry towards a more sustainable horizon.

Uday Narang, the visionary behind Omega Seiki, and Nitin Gupta of Attero, are the dynamic duo leading this charge. They’re not just talking the talk; they’re driving the drive towards a sustainable future, with their sights set on expanding their green footprint beyond India, to the ASEAN and African regions.

This electrifying alliance is more than a business move; it’s a bold statement in the face of environmental challenges, with both companies charging ahead to set new benchmarks in EV technology and battery waste management. The road ahead looks greener and more sustainable, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Omega Seiki and Attero, proving that when it comes to the environment, the best way forward is in a closed loop.

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