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2005 Skoda Octavia Combi Struggles to Find a New Home in India

This Rare, First-Gen Skoda Octavia Combi Awaits Its Third Love Affair, Priced at a Nostalgic INR 3.95 Lakh!

KORATTY, India – In an unexpected twist in the Indian used car market, a rare 2005 Skoda Octavia Combi is playing hard-to-get. Priced at INR 3.95 lakh, this five-door estate, a Combi L&K variant, is not just a car but a piece of automotive history.

Sitting proudly in Kinfra Industries Park, Koratty, this Skoda Octavia is powered by a 1.9 TDI diesel engine, boasting an impressive 89 horsepower and 210 Nm of torque. This vehicular veteran, with a manual transmission, has a storied past, having been driven for 1.40 lakh kilometers and cherished by two owners.

What sets this model apart is its design by the renowned Luc Donckerwolke, adding an artistic flair to its engineering. The first-generation Octavia, released in November 1996 for the 1997 model year, was a milestone for Škoda, showcasing their modernised manufacturing prowess in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic.

This particular model, available in the estate style, is a testament to Škoda’s legacy. It’s not just a car; it’s a collector’s dream. The Combi L&K variant comes loaded with features that were a luxury in its heyday – a sunroof, alloy wheels, ABS, power steering, air conditioning, power windows, keyless entry, and an Android player accompanied by a subwoofer and amplifier. The car has been meticulously maintained, boasting a new battery, clear paperwork, and up-to-date tests and taxes.

This Octavia’s journey began in Angamaly, near Pongam, and it now seeks a new adventurer. Will this limited edition model, boasting a mileage of 18-22 kmpl, find its third caretaker? As it stands, amidst the hustle of modern vehicles, this 2005 Skoda Octavia Combi holds its ground, a testament to the era of robust design and enduring engineering. Who will be the next to steer this piece of automotive history? The roads await.

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